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Design Technology

***Remote Learning Tasks for Rievaulx Class bubble closure - November 16th - November 25th 2020***

Tuesday 24th November

As we are working on our project this week, we will take a short break from our Make Do and Mend challenge (we will continue this as soon as we are back in class) and use your DT time to design your board game in time to spend time making these in class on Thursday.  Your task is explained in the introduction video but a written version is below also.

There are some board game templates to help you along if you are struggling for ideas, but you do not have to use these.

Wednesday 18th November

Today you will be working on the design for your cushion.  In order for us to move on and begin to make your cushion in class, it is important you complete this task.

When designing your cushion, think carefully about the skills we practised in class.  Plan and create a design that you will be able to complete.  We will be able to provide buttons, ribbons and pieces of felt and other materials to attach and sew onto you cushion.

Remember to upload your work onto Seesaw so we can begin to prepare to make the products in class.