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Friday 22nd January

Hello everyone.

I am going to set aside time each Friday to give you a chance to read.  It would be lovely to receive a recording of your reading on Seesaw (there is a 5 minute limit on voice recordings) or even just a message with the pages you have read and summery of what happened.


Don't worry if today you have used your guided reading time to complete your English like I suggested.  You can always send your recording or summary another day.

Friday 15th January

In your guided reading slot today, could you use the time to complete this Science Pupil Voice questionnaire for Miss Liptrot.  We would usually do this as a discussion in class but as that is tricky at the moment, can you either send a photograph of your answers or tyoe them directly onto a note on Seesaw and we will collate the answers for the class.

Thank you

Friday 8th January