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Friday 22nd January

Good morning everyone, today and Monday we will be taking on the role of Hansel. Telling his story,

thinking about how he was feeling and what happened to him in the end. First however we need to run through the sounds and word videos from previous days. don't forget to remind yourself of the story before you move on to the next video. 

Hansels story.mp4

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When you have completed the first two questions take a break and think about this weeks spelling!


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Friday 15th January

Please remember to follow Wednesdays sound and word videos before you read the book for the 3rd time . You should now be beginning to 'Fred in your head' the majority of words. Mr Mitchell tells me some of you have already put your Alien pictures on Seesaw so I will enjoy looking at them this weekend and I hope to use some next week if I can work out how to print them !!


Grow your own radishes - grammar.mp4

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Now look at the Vocabulary section ,read through the questions carefully. They are all taken from the book. Can you find alternative words for the ones in bold? We have completed questions like this before. 

Grow your own radishes- proofread spelling and grammar.mp4

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Grow your own radishes - spelling practice.mp4

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 Friday 8th January - Today we are going to run through Set 2 and 3 sounds, then our speedy words as we did yesterday followed by looking at our red and green word spellings we can then read the book for the 3rd time.

set 2 and 3 speed sounds.mp4

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speedy words -Danny and the bump a lump.mp4

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redword spellings.mp4

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Now it is time to read the story for the 3rd time. 

Try and 'Fred in your head' all words and think about how Mum and Danny speak to each other. Is Mum cross, is Danny frightened? 

Can you act out the story with your adult?

I would love to see a video on Seesaw.

Our second Hold a sentence is very short so we will have time to build a sentence as well.

Hold a sentence 2.mp4

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