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Friday 5th March

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Friday 26th February

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Friday 5th February


You have worked incredibly hard this week.  Fractions can be tricky and they take time to master.  It's also important that you feel increasingly confident with each step before moving on to another.  I know from messages and work posted on Seesaw that many of you have work to complete and answers to correct.  I also know some people need time to go back over some of my videos.  If that is you, you should do this today.


If you are feeling confident with comparing and ordering fractions, I have set an assignment on Maths Shed for you to test your skills.  I will be able to track your results and see how well you are doing and where you might need help.  If you have spent time making corrections and going back over work, that doesn't mean you cannot then try the Maths Shed work too.


Don't forget arithmetic homework also needs completing before Monday so there is lots for you to be getting on with before we move on next week.

Friday 29th January


Complete the starter task first before watching the video explaining the claculation strategy you will be using today.  Your main task for today is below the video.

Converting mixed numbers to improper fractions

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Friday 22nd January

Year 5, you have reached the end of your Multiplication and Division unit.  Today, I would like you to work through a mini assessment that will help you revise all of the areas you have covered.

It is then really helpful for you (and for me) if you check through your work and identify areas you think you are confident and fluent in and any areas you feel you would like to spend some more time on when you are back in school.  Send me a note on Seesaw and I can then make plans to revise specific areas in class.

The next few lessons are revision units.  Don't forget to check for extra reasoning and challenges to extend your learning if you find you are fluent in the main task.

Friday 15th January

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Reasoning - Extension

Challenge - Extension

Friday 8th January

Tutorial video - Friday 8th January

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