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Tutorial Video - Friday 15th January

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Friday 8th January

Year 6, you have come to the end of your fractions unit.  As this unit was covered during our bubble closure and then completed after the Christmas break, today I would like you to work through the end of unit assessment to give me and yourself a good idea of what you have learnt and those areas we may need to go over again (which we will, don't worry!)

As there is no video to follow today, you will be able to get started straight away so I have attached both parts of the assessments.  Do as much as you can in the hour you have for maths today.  The answers have been added for you so that you are able to see how you have done.

Instead of adding your written maths work on Seesaw today, I would like you to add a note explaining which areas of the unit are your strongest and which areas you want to target for improvement or revision.