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Friday 5th March 2021



Celebration time!

As it is the last day of home schooling, it is time for a celebration!

Mrs Griffiths and Mr Mtichell are getting ready for you all returning to school on Monday!


Today's task is to make a celebration cupcake or cake to share with your family.  In the Design and Technology, curriculum there is a section about food and cooking, so the task is even part of your learning!

Follow a recipe and enjoy!

Friday 26th February 2021


Today there are two different Art, Design and Technology activities to try.  You only have to do one!

There is a net for making a house in the style of a house from London in 1666 or you could open out a cardboard box to make a net and colour it in.  I know some of you did this on Tuesday, so you may want to try the second task. This is a tea light jar, with the effect of the fire.  You will need a clean empty jar for this task.

Today's lesson

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Friday 5th February 2021


It's time to have bubble fun this afternoon!

There is a mindfulness task to try. 

If you don't have a printer, you can draw round lots of circular items at home to get the same effect.

You can also make your own bubble mixture a wand.  

We can't wait to see your efforts!


Today's lesson

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Friday 29th January 2021


Today, it is time to get creative.  Your task is to make a crown or helmet!

Today's task

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Friday 22nd January 2021


We are going to paint or draw winter landscapes this afternoon.

Today's lesson

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Friday 15th January 2021


Today, we are looking closely at frosty leaves as Jack Frost has certainly been out and about in Wistow!

art fri.mp4

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Friday 8th January 2021


Today, have a go at drawing what you can see outside your window.

There might be a view of your garden,trees or even fields in the distance.

You may even have frosty puddles or leaves.

Try to use just a pencil and see what effects you can get. 


  • Experiment with different length pencil lines.
  • Try making the lines darker and lighter.
  •  If you press harder on the paper you can get different effects.


Have fun!