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Monday 18th January

You will need to use Monday's video to guide you through the first part of this task today and to hear what you need to do afterwards.  I will be asking you to find specific features in certain parts of the model text and for you to record them.  You should use the video to find out what you are looking for, pausing it as you go along to give you time to find and record each feature.  Below is a copy of the model text I used, the slides and a copy of the table, which can be printed or simply drawn in your book.

Monday 11th January

Today, I would like you to work through the task a step at a time, using the video on the main page to guide you through.  I will be scaffolding your work to begin with, before setting more independent tasks as the week goes on.

If you need to see the powerpoint, steps to success or the model text again, I have added them below.