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Monday 18th January - Good morning everyone, remember to go back to Wednesdays video to practice the sounds. below is a new video of the words at 2 seconds and then 1 second just for fun! Can you have a competition with your adult? 

The idea today is to write an advert for school lunches. I was hoping Mrs Dixon-Mersh our school cook would tell you about some of the salads she made at Betty's Tearoom however she is always too busy for me to interview her, so you need to ask your adults for suggestions  of different salads and for adjectives to describe how delicious they are. This work may take you more than today, don't rush it. I have asked Mr. Mitchell to show me your work when he is on Seesaw. I know some of you have wanted to try radishes this week, what do you think? I was about 25 before I liked them, not everyone does. 




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Grow your own radishes- Salad lunch advert -Big Write.mp4

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Hello everyone, Monday and Tuesday this week we finish Danny and the Bump-a-lump ,so our new book will be non-fiction - How to grow radishes from Wednesday. The grammar focus will be adjectives and the 'Big Write' will be writing an advert for  salad lunches. From Wednesday I will change the format to give challenges and supplementary questions as I am aware that working one to one the tasks do not take as long as they do in class.

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