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This half term, we will continure to use lessons from the Oak Academy for Music.  This time, we will be studying 'Duration'.  Each week I will post the link to the lesson and any worksheets or resources you will need.
In order to continue working through the curriculum for music, I will be posting a link to an online lesson each week.  This half term you will be learning about timbre.  Some lessons have a quick quiz to complete at the end and if there are any other worksheets or resources needed, I will add them to the website for you to access and complete.

***Remote Learning Tasks for Rievaulx Class bubble closure - November 16th - November 25th 2020***

Some amazing work done last week, learning the makaton signs to Fix You by Coldplay.  This week I would like you to continue to practise the signs.  I have also added a lyric sheet in for you to help when singing along or miming the words when performing.

In class, we will be looking at the notation of the the melody of the song and learning to play it using the glockenspiels.  However, if you have an instrument at home and want to try and play the melody, I have also attached some sheet music for you to use.

As always, I would love to see your efforts and progress on Seesaw, so remember to upload your videos.

Fix You - Makaton/BSL