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Spring has finally arrived!


You all did so well last half term, getting involved in the different dances and the basketball percussion activity.  But the weather (seems) to be imrpoving and Spring certainly seems to be emerging so I want to you to use your PE time to be as active as possible and get outside and enjoy the fresh air whenyou can.  There are still lots of competitions below for you to be joining in with and different dance videos we have previously enjoyed, so feel free to use these.  Myself and Miss Liptrot will continue to add new activities and events so keep an eye out on the page each week for updates, but for today, go outside and run, jump, cycle, build and enjoy yourself!



Tuesday 9th February


Wednesday 3rd February


This week, I would like you to develop the skills you have learnt whilst learning the basketball routine (see Wednesday's file below if you want to watch it again).  Today, I would like you to choose a different piece of music and begin to create your own routine.  It could be a classical piece, your favourite song or maybe just a track that you think would work well (We Will Rock You springs to mind!)  You might find you spend your time this week trying out different ideas.  That is fine, you will have next week to perfect your routine.


As always, please send your videos and photographs in on Seesaw.  We can then share the routines and learn each others.

Tuesday 2nd February


As we discussed in our class assembly, many people find music a very good way of expressing themselves.  I have added a dance video below for you to try but if today you want to do something slightly different (play Just Dance with a sibling, make up a new dance to your favourite song at the moment or simply spend a silly half an hour dancing around and generally just having fun), then as long as you are active and doing something positive for your well being, then that is great with me!


Whatever you choose to do, I would love to see your videos and photographs on Seesaw.

Lion King Routine

Dance class with Oti Mabuse & Marius Iepure. A great live routine for the whole family to learn and have fun on one of the greatest hits. It is a step-by-ste...

Tuesday 25th and Wednesday 26th January

You may have already seen on our school Facebook page that the we have been set a challenge from some very special guests!  The players from Wakefield Trinity Rugby Team have recorded a special video with details of a challenge they want you to complete.  As they can't visit school at the moment to see you in action, they have asked that you send in photographs and videos of you working on thier challenges.

Follow the link below and scroll down to find a video from Miss Liptrot and the video from the players themselves.  

This is such an exciting opportunity for the pupils at Wistow School so please do try and take part.  Don't worry if you don't do it on your PE days, they will happily accept your photos and videos whenever they are ready.

Tuesday 19th and Wednesday 20th January

This week, I have uploaded your regular lessons in the file for each day.  However, we have another competition running in school so why not take a look at the tasks here instead?

Remember to record your scores and send them in on Seesaw.  Videos are even better!

***Remote Learning Tasks for Rievaulx Class bubble closure - November 16th - November 25th 2020***

This is one of our favourites!  The choreography is not exactly the same as the routine we learnt in school but it will still get you moving just as much.  If you would refer to get out in the garden (if the weather is good enough) and do something else, that is fine.  We'd love to see what you choose to do so send us your photos and videos on Seesaw.

You Can't Stop The Beat