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Wednesday 20th January 2021


We are going to find out about the properties of materials today.

We have a special " Feely Box" activity to try on our Zoom meeting at 1pm.

Watch the Powerpoint / video and then try one of the activities below. 

You can also find the templates on Seesaw or copy them into your home learning book.

Wednesday's Lesson

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Wednesday 13th January 2021


Today, we are continuing our work on materials.  We are going to make sure you can tell the difference between an object and the material it is made from.


There is also an extra sticky ice challenge to try! 


materials wed.mp4

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Wednesday 6th January 2021


Today we start our new topic for the half term.  Would you like to be an Antarctic Explorer?

Think about what it is like in the Antarctic and then have a go at completing the topic start sheet below. 

You could print one out to put in you book or add to the one on Seesaw.



Then have a look at the photograph below. 

What can you see?

What is the person wearing?

Where do you think he is?

What does the photograph tell you?


We can find out a lot about the past by looking at photographs.

Record your ideas and observations on the sheet or on Seesaw.

I'm looking forward to seeing your observations.