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The world: Children know about similarities and differences in relation to places, objects, materials and living things. They talk about the features of their own immediate environment and how environments might vary from one to another. They make observations of animals and plants and explain why some things occur, and talk about changes.

Technology: Children recognise that a range of technology is used in places such as homes and schools. They select and use technology for particular purposes.


This half term we are going to be exploring habitats and different places that people and animals live around the world. For the first week we are going to be exploring habitats that we would find here within the UK. 

I would like you to start with looking at URBAN, MOORLAND and GRASSLANDS.


Today I would like you to continue to discuss habitats here in the UK with your child. Moorlands are a large part of our Yorkshire country side with some very cool wildlife. I was out walking last week during half term and came across a little grass snake, a family of voles and lots of different birds. Can you and your child find out about the plants and animals that live up in the moors and what makes it special or different to the Urban areas you looked at on Monday?

I have attached lots of links to different web pages with information all about the Moors. Your child will need help reading and discovering about this. Then I would like your child to create a poster or an information sheet in their books all about What is the moors? What plants can we find? What animals will we see?


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