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Our current topic is all about people who help us!

This week our focus is all about the Police and what they do!

I would always start with an introduction asking the children what they already know about the Police.

Any initial ideas your child has could be written down within the green work book.

I would ask the children what would they like to know about the Police and then I would decide on a few aspects that the children hadn't discussed.

Examples and Ideas:

  •  What the Police wear? Could you make something or dress up as an officer?
  • What kinds of transport Police have? Could you make a Police car/van/horse.
  • Where do the Police work? Police Station.
  • Where are we likely to see Police Officers? Football games, in town when its busy, walking around the streets.
  • Are their different jobs in the Police? examples are traffic officer and detective and community police officers.
  • When do we need to use the Police? How do they help us?


I will continue to upload different resources throughout the week that we would have used in the classroom.