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This section of the Bolton Home School Learning page is dedicated to sharing the hard work that our classmates have been doing since we have been working from home. It has been absolutely super seeing how many of us have been accessing the online learning and it is worth celebrating. Have a look at what your friends have been up to! Please keep the emails coming.


In Bolton this week, we have looked in to Early Islamic inventions, written autobiography's, created parachutes and padding to save a falling egg and taken part in an Egyptian and Victorian quiz on Zoom. Again, another super week Bolton!

We have covered all sorts of learning in Bolton class this week. We have spent time taking part in activities for Diversity week, making adverts for The House of Wisdom, retold poetry with the use of photographs and written biography's for a person of our choice. What a super job! Well done Bolton!

This week in Bolton, we have written letters from Baghdad, made volcanic eruptions, created timelines to support our biography writing and practiced handwriting. You have all been super. Well done Bolton!

I have been overwhelmed by the work and participation of Bolton class this week! From cap designs to making clouds in a jar and from creating our own adjectives to competing with Byland class in PE, you have all be absolutely amazing. Give yourself a ffaann-tastic! Have a quick look at just some of the things that we have been up to.

We have had such a busy week! From mindmaps to board games and travelling back in time to 900AD. Here is a snippet of what Bolton class have been up to. You are all amazing!

An Early Islamic civilisation powerpoint from one of our team mates. Super informative!

We have had another busy start to the week! We've looked at life cycles, telling the time, tower building, making sock puppets and investigating habitats. Super job Bolton! You are amazing!

We have had a really busy week so far! Have a look at our structures, inventions, habitat learning and poetry. We really are super stars!

This week we have been learning about habitats, VE Day and Early Islamic Mosques. As well as completing dictionary work and searching for an ideal home! We have had an extremely busy week- have a look at what we have been doing!

Life in 2020 compared with life in 1945


Life in 2020


Mitchell ( age 7) wakes up in his king size bed, looks at the time on his digital clock, switches on his electric bedside lamp and throws off his thick comfortable duvet. The house is lovely and warm due to the central heating.

He opens his curtains, and opens the door of his double wardrobe. The automatic light illuminates his clothes. There are T-shirts and shirts of every colour and design hanging there. There is a full drawer of jeans and joggers and another full of shorts. His pants, socks and pyjamas are in a separate chest of drawers. 

He looks around his bedroom. It has a thick new carpet and floor length curtains. His desk is in one corner. There is a laptop, and another lamp. There are lots of Lego models and toys and drawers full of pens and paper. He goes downstairs and brushes his teeth with an electric toothbrush. He wonders what to have for breakfast; brioche, cereal, toast, croissants, fruit or yoghurt?

There is plenty of all of them. He switches the television on, and watches a program while eating his breakfast. His brother wants to play a video game on the Nintendo switch.

Dad switches the electric kettle on to make a cup of tea, and puts some sliced bread in the toaster. He gets the butter and jam out of the fridge.

Dad works from home. He has an office upstairs with several computers and telephones. He speaks to people all over the world every day. He also travels a lot. He flies on aeroplanes to countries like India, America and Germany. Sometimes he only stays a day or two and then flies home. 

Mum has her own business, but isn’t allowed to work at the moment due to the Coronavirus. She puts some washing into the washing machine, and loads the dishwasher with pots. She opens the fridge and looks at the food inside, and wonders what to have for tea. They generally get a supermarket delivery once a week. They buy milk, bread, meat, fish, cheese, fruit, chocolate, cakes. Anything they want. They have takeaways and eat out at pubs or restaurants quite often too.

They go on holiday a few times a year. This year they are due to go to Paris in France, and two holidays in England. They also have lots of days out to the seaside, theme parks and shows and festivals. They take hundreds of photos and videos on their smart phones. The smart phones are telephones, computers, cameras, video cameras, and computer games all in one.

Most people have one. Most people have a car too. We are very lucky.



Life in 1945 


Gerald (age 6) wakes up in his single bed. There is ice on the inside of his bedroom window. There is no central heating. The only heat is from the coal fire in the lounge. His mum warms his clothes in front of the fire,and brings them up to him. He gets dressed in his bed, as it is so cold. 

He has no carpet,just a small rug at the side of his bed. He has a single chest of drawers for his clothes. He isn’t allowed to wear long trousers yet. He has 1 pair of short trousers for every day, and another for best. He has a couple of shirts and a couple of pairs of pants and socks. He is really lucky to have 2 pairs of shoes. Most of his friends have 1 pair, and when they wear out, they have to put a piece of card inside to cover the holes up. 

There is no electricity. The lights are gas lights so they have to be lit by a match. The street lights are the same. A man comes round to light them every night. The moths and bugs swarm around the lights and cast shadows upon his thin bedroom curtains. It scares him. 

He doesn’t have very many toys. Marbles,chalk and a wonderful wooden wheelbarrow, that someone made for him. As an only child, he was allowed to hang a pillowcase up for his Christmas present. Most of his friends could only hang a stocking up.

 He goes downstairs, to the bathroom, and brushes his teeth. It is freezing in there too. Even though there is a bath in the bathroom it is so cold that when he does have a bath, once a week, his mum carries a tin bath inside and puts it in front of the fire. She has to carry the water through in buckets.

 He has toast for breakfast. He puts the bread on a toasting fork and holds it in front of the fire. The butter is kept in the pantry with the rest of the food, on a cold marble shelf to keep it cool.

 His mum boils the kettle on the gas ring for a cup of tea. She has been up since 6 am doing the washing. She has to carry the buckets of water, heat it up, and wash by hand. She has a mangle to squeeze the water out of the clothes, and then would hang them on the line. By the time they were ironed, with a flat metal iron heated on the fire, it would have taken all day. The soapy water would be used to pour on the vegetables growing in the garden, to kill the bugs.

 Everyone’s gardens were used to grow vegetables during the war. Gerald‘s parents grew peas, potatoes, onions and carrots. They also had an allotment and kept pigs. They were allowed to kill one a year to eat. They also kept rabbits to fatten up and eat. People used to eat crows as well, they used the breasts in rook pie. Even through rationing they ate quite well because of this. Gerald doesn’t remember having sweets until years after the war ended. Twice a year there was a village Sunday school outing to Scarborough. They were day trips, that were their only holiday. Someone might have a camera and take a photograph! 

They feel very lucky. They have everything they need.


A poem written by one of our pupils about what is happening in the UK and world right now. We hope you enjoy it.

There is a virus that cannot be seen

It’s name is Covid 19

It makes us all sad and frown

It is why we are on lockdown

We are lucky, we have a big place

Lots of inside and outside space

Some don’t have a garden, or even a yard

That must make it really hard

We can’t see friends or family

I miss them and they miss me

We make phone calls with each other

While I stay at home with my brother

We speak to our grandparents on FaceTime

To check that they are doing fine

I actually miss going to school

I couldn’t do my April fool

I really miss my teachers and friends

I wonder will this ever end?

We clap for the NHS on Thursdays at 8

It’s past bedtime but we stay up late

The noise we make is really loud

It makes the NHS feel so proud

Our community spirit is very strong

It helps us all to get along

Helping each other, delivering food

It helps to lift everyone’s mood

We are counting on you

To help us get through

We scream and we shout


Stay at home, and love and play

Make sure we see another day

Project mummification!

Fronted adverbials, expanded noun phrases and synonyms!

An Egyptian presentation!

Topic, writing and PE!

Senet - An ancient Egyptian board game

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Would you choose to live in a zoo, library or museum?

Egyptian Pyramid Facts!

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French handwashing instructions!

A super Egyptian powerpoint!

Creative Maths!

Death mask and sarcophagus!

Coding and playing an Egyptian game on Scratch!

Bar Charts!

Lego Pyramids!