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Friends of Wistow School Association (FOWSA) is our wonderful PTA



FOWSA's vision is to welcome new parents to the school and work together to help support and develop the school, enhancing our children's education and surroundings through exciting fund-raising and promotional events.

We strive to support the school in any way we can and aspire to grow as a group, continuing to help the school grow and blossom.


Welcome to the PTA 


If you have any spare time, you can help support the school by volunteering to help as a member of FOWSA.


FOWSA runs totally on volunteers and we help the school in a variety of ways. Over the course of the year we run different events to raise money for school, from fairs to competitions.


We have treated the children to trips, theatre visits, resources in class, a sensory lamp, books, the school website and much, much more. 


So please if you can help, the school would appreciate it. Speak to Mrs Sampson, Mrs Adams or Miss White if you would like to help in any way. 


What a turn out for the FOWSA Christmas fair! The staff, children and parents all enjoyed the event and lots of goodies were won! Thank you to all who came to support the school, Be Able, the volunteers, Santa for taking time out of his busy schedule and Mrs Sampson and Miss Adams for their hard work and preparation. Great afternoon!


Another fabulous event run by FOWSA raising money to support the school. The sun shone and the people came and it was great afternoon full of games, prizes and laughter.