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Summer Term 2

Week 6

This week we will be using extracts from the book 'Wonder' for our English and some of our guided reading work.  You may have read the book or even seen the film.  If you haven't, it won't matter as the extracts you will need will be given to you each day. Often, your English work will follow on from your guided reading so make sure you complete your guided reading first each day.

The synopsis will give you an overview of the story.

These questions are all based on events in the chapter 'How I Came To Life'.

You have completed some 'Observe, Wonder, Infer' tasks last term but here is a quick reminder of what one looks like.

After reading the extract, write a paragraph to summerise your first thoughts of the book. 

What did you think of the chapter? 

How did it make you feel?

What did the author do well?

Is it like anything you have read before?

Are you keen to read more? Why? 


Those questions are just examples of the things you may wish to include. Write down you initial thoughts and feelings after reading the chapter.

Week 2 - Well Being Week


Week 1

Take time to read this extract today.  You will be working on comprehension questions based on this tomorrow.

The Nowhere Emporium - Extract

Summer Term 1

**Word of the Week**

Complete the Vocabulary Laboratory template for this week's word.

Our word of the week is 'alleviate'.

Week 2 - Complete one of the three versions

Week 1 - Complete one of the three versions