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Each week we will be updating our page and showing you all of the different things we have been learning! Below is summary of what our theme for this half term will be!




Summer 1

The topic for this half term is going to be Traditional tales. The children will spend time reciting, performing and learning different tales!

In Science the children are focusing on animals and categorising animals in lots of different ways. We even have our very own caterpillars to watch!

RE will be all about how we keep the Earth and all its creatures special while P.E is all about athletics, getting ready for sports day! 

This week the class have been busy classifying animals, creating wanted posters, finding half and quarters and preparing for our class assembly! 

This week we have continued our topic work all around traditional tales. The children have created sliders in DT, thought about the Good Samaritan story and written descriptive writing about the forest!

Spring 2

This half term our topic is 'Our Local Area' so we will be looking closely at Wistow and the surrounding area. We will be looking at the history of the school and how it has changed. In Science we will be thinking about plants and growing including our very own sunflower experiment. P.E will focus on racket skills and perfecting our badminton! In R.E we are exploring special places and where different religious people worship.  

Assessment week is always a busy week and a chance to finish off lots of our orjoects including our houses! I think they look amazing and the children have worked incredibly hard not only on these but their assessments all week!

a glorious week out in the sunshine! This week we have spent a lot of time outside creating our very own Selby town! We learnt facts about the history or the town on Monday and then transformed the area with all the key elements! Check out the video!

Little Selby Town

Still image for this video

In the week the children have been writing about the homes they have designed, sawing the wood to create their houses and creating their own houses. They have learnt about synagogues and why it is a special place for Jewish people. Finishing off with Red Nose Day and a staff pantomime.

This week Selby Class have been busy. We have been to church, planted seeds and had our second class assembly. The children have continued to work had in phonics and maths!

What a great first week back! We have started our new topic by walking around the village and spotting different important landmarks and homes. The children have created their own versions of a Mondrian painting and we finished the week with World book day, the children all looked amazing!

Spring 1

Winter/Our home

This half term we will be starting off our topic as Winter but will move into looking at Wistow village and York. This is be covered through out history, geography, art and science.

In P.E and R.E we will be covering gymnastics and Judaism.

The newsletter for this half term is attached below.

A great way to finish half term with a PSHCE day all about a healthy lifestyle. The children really enjoyed cutting up fruit to make their own fruit salad.

A challenging week as assessment week but, however each child has shown such great resilience. They have also enjoyed their afternoon project of creating their very own habitats for hibernating animals and celebrating children mental health week by spending lots of time working and growing together.

The children have really enjoyed finding out all about the Chinese New Year.

This week we have enjoyed creating paintings like Monet, discussing the different seasons in science, learning all about the Gruffalo's child and creating our very own supertatos!

Past and Present

This half term our topic will be past and present. We are going to look at what it was like for our grandparents when they were young. The children will look at schools, toys and homes. Science and D.T will link to the topic as we will explore materials things are made from and create a very special surprise!

R.E will be focused around Christianity and special people.

In P.E the children will be learning dance, keep you eyes peeled as they may practise at home!


Still image for this video

WOW! What an amazing Christmas week we have had this week. We have had a Christmas party, recorded our nativity, a visit from Santa, Christmas lunch, carols in the yard and to finish off our final church service of 2021!
Merry Christmas Everyone and a Happy New Year!

This week the children have looked at some books written a long time ago. The reception children have looked at ‘the tiger who came to tea’. They have explored some words such as supper, created invitations to tea parties and made a fact file about tigers.

It has also been maths week this week so we have been focusing on the story ‘how many legs’. The Year 1s had to practise their addition skills and the receptions their counting skills!

P.E has carried on with learning our dance for this half term!

What a busy first week back after half term. The children have focused on learning about Diwali and Bonfire night! The reception children have focused on the numbers 1, 2, and 3 in maths while the Year 1s have put their addition skills to the test. We have also started the week by introducing our new topic by discussing what we would like to learn and finding different materials in our classroom.

This half term we will be exploring the topic ‘Ourselves’. The reception children will be learning about the 5 senses while the Year 1s will focus on different parts of the body. We will also be exploring what makes us and other unique.

In R.E we are going to explore who is a Christian and what do they believe. Music will be used to explore rhyme and P.E will be focused on team games. 

This week our focus has been on touch. The children have read the story ‘Lucy’s picture’. It is all about creating a collage for Lucy’s blind grandad. The children have been very busy creating their very own collage for everyone to feel. They have also built up the language by describing lots of different objects.

The Year 1s have enjoy exploring compasses and find the different directions. 

This week that children have been thinking about smell. We have finished off our week with smelling different essential oils and discussing what we did and didn’t like about each smell. Some of them made us make some very silly faces!

The Year 1s have finished off their maths topic around place value by talking about greatest and smallest. While the receptions have focused on capacity and filling different boxes.


What an incredibly busy first few weeks we have had in Selby class. The children have been amazing adjusting to new routines and expectations. The reception children have begun to learn their sounds while the Year 1s have continued with set three. In maths we have introduced symbols for the year 1s and it has been tricky!

Our topic work has lead use on listening hunts, detective work and even some beautiful creative drawing!

We have spent the first week back getting into our new routines and spending time playing with all our new friends. The Year 1s have been refreshing their brains going through the sounds they learnt last year and all their maths knowledge. 

New Academic Year


Traditional Tales

This half term we are going to be exploring traditional tales! As a class we will be learning stories, songs and poems that we can perform in groups and writing our very own traditional tales!

In P.E the focus is going to be team games so that we are ready for sports day! 'What is special about our world' will be the focus in R.E and the children will be discussing how we can care and look after the world around us.

Final Week!

This week the children have enjoyed choosing lots of their favourite activities to learn with this week! We also had a surprise water fight and enjoyed our ice lollies are part of winning tidy cloakroom!


This week we have been exploring the Rapunzel fairytale. We turned the role play inside into a hair dressers and outside a wonderful flower shop. The children have enjoyed styling each others hair and arranging flowers.

In Maths we have focused on created different maps from treasure maps to mapping our journey to school. In RWI we have learnt a new Set 3 sound u-e, it was another split digraph!



Little Red Riding Hood

This week we have continued our theme of fairytales and our focus for this week was Little Red Riding Hood. The children have enjoyed dressing up as the different characters, re-enacting the story in the role play area and constructing lots of different types of houses.

As a class we have focused on independent writing this week and the children have been thinking about describing words and writing sentences about each character!

In Maths, we have focused on solving problems. We loved the book of the week how many legs? and the children had to find different ways to get the right amount of legs at the party using animals.



The Three Little Pigs

The first traditional tale we have explored is the Three Little Pigs. The children have enjoyed acting out the story on the stage, creating and building different types of house and completing an experiment to find out which materials would be least likely to fall down!

We have discussed and read lots of different version of the story this week and talked about the ways in which they differ and why! It has been lots of fun but keep your eyes peeled because we don't think the Big Bad Wolf had gone!!!!!

We have written WANTED poster for the Big Bad Wolf and practised our sharing and halving while eating yummy food in our houses!


This half term we are going to be learning all about animals and habitats so keep checking this page to come on our journey around the world. We are starting off in the desert!

In R.E this half term we are going to be discussing and thinking about 'Where do we belong' it links to the faith we feel and how that connections us to others.

P.E we are moving on from ball skills to throwing and catching skills.


We have finished off our topic animals and habitats by taking a step back in time! We have been discovering dinosaurs this week! The children have been busy creating their own dinosaur museum and learning about what type of animal a dinosaur was, when they existed and what types of habitats they lived in.

I have been so impressed with how the children have risen to the reading and writing challenges this half term and because of this we have learnt our very first set 3 sound!! The focus in maths has been doubling and we have had a boys vs girls challenge, which has been great fun.

We also rounded up our topic of throwing and catching and the improvements that have been made across the seven weeks is awesome. We are now able to throw at targets accurately and catch different types of balls!

The Oceans and it's creatures.

This week our theme has been oceans, we have learnt a song to name the 5 main oceans and have explored some of the wonderful creatures that live in the sea. We learnt what it meant to be a fish and what key features they have!

In groups we created our very own seascapes! They were absolutely beautiful!

The jungle, the rainforest and insects.

This week we have been focusing on the jungle and the rainforest. We have focused on the book 'Rainforest Explorers', it described the layers of the rainforest and how 'dense' it can be. We watched some Planet Earth about the jungles and how important they are to our survival.

We have also thought about the mini beasts and insects, learning about their important job in the jungles and rainforests. This lead to the class going on their very own mini beast hunt around school! The children then got to create their own mini beasts. 

The 'Jungle Hide' was created by the children. It started with creating giant leaves so it would be camouflaged and then they began to create vines so the animals could swing across!

It's been a great adventure this week!!!!

Grasslands and Mammals

This week we have been on an adventure to the African savannahs. The children have been learning about the differences between the savannah and the desert! We also discussed what the differences were between mammals and reptiles. We acted out different types of animals and created a new improved 'rumble in the savannah'!

The children have spent this week continuing to focus on numbers from 0 to 20 playing lots of different number recognition games. We have also estimated!

P.E we continued to work on our ball control and started to hit different targets to work on our hand eye coordination!

Wow what a busy first week back! The start of the week was extremely exciting as we got to see our newly revamped outside area! This included a new ship and a new stage area. The rest of the week we have played and explored each area LOTS! We have had so much fun.

The children started their new topic of Animals and Habitats and we've been for a visit to the desert! We learnt about what a desert is and that it can be hot and cold! We also found out about different animals from the desert!

Mathematics has started with looking at numbers between 11 and 20 and we have continued with our red ditties. 

This half term Selby Class are going to be learning all about 'People who help us'. We will be thinking about and discovering some of the jobs in the community that can help us in different moments in our lives, this can range from the police, doctors, caretakers and garbage collectors.

We will be starting with the Police.

In Religious Education we are going to be discussing 'Which times are special and why?' and will focus on special times for our children and some religious festivals. Music will focus on pulse and pitch and P.E we are going to start focusing on our ball skills.

Keep coming back to find out what we are discovering and learning each week.

People Who Help Us

WOW! What a busy week this week we have been learning about postal workers, Easter and starting to think about Spring. We have written letters to friends and family. We learnt about the Easter story in R.E and then we have created some beautiful daffodil picture while discussing what we see in Spring! Keep your eyes peeled over the Easter holidays.

We have also mastered our ball skills this half term. 

Have a great break!

This week the children all became doctors and nurses, some were even patients. The children had a variety of injuries and aliments that all required medical attention. We then created our very own x-rays after looking at some real ones, these were to put in our very own x-ray machine! We've had some wonderful discussions around how doctors and nurses can help us and are looking forward to having a Zoom next week with a nurse, we've all got lots of questions.

Maths this week has been spent recapping lots of the topics we covered during lockdown. This included shape hunts, hopscotch's and bean bag throwing. Its been great fun! The children have also done some amazing writing during RWI while reading our ditty!

This week was the first week we were all back together! While we have been focused on 'Vets' we have spent much of the week playing lots of games, reading lots of stories and just having some time to enjoy being together again!

We did focus our first day back around 'The Worrysaurus' and the children created some beautiful coloured butterflies to represent their feelings and worries when coming back into school.

Finally we got to finish the week with a delayed World Book Day! We came as many different characters and spent time in the day having a spelling bee and a book quiz!

We have looked at Firefighters this week! We have had our very own fire station set up in Selby Class and practiced getting changed quickly, hearing the fire alarm and writing up incident reports! Children have also created their very own 'Fire Safety' posters after watching a video from Tadcaster fire station. 

The children have also really enjoyed exploring the water bead we have had set up putting some of our fine motor skills to the test! Its been another hard week in phonics but we have completed our first ditty book! Maths we have been exploring our number bonds to 10!

WOW what a busy week we have had! We begun our new topic by becoming Police Officers. We have spent the week collecting evidence of crimes, finger printing, creating police cars and Zooming with a real Police Officer! We got to see pictures of what he wears, what he drives and asked lots of different questions! It was great fun!

In RWI we started our very first ditty story and the children have impressed Fred with all their lovely Fred talking! They have taken their time and independently written the sentences! 

Selby Class also go to opportunity to speak with Jonathon from the North Yorkshire Moors National Park and he spoke us to all about the different habitats and creatures we might find there! It was very interesting!

Chinese New Year

This week we have been learning all about Chinese New Year! We have learnt about what to do for getting ready, what happens on the day and what you might see during the parade.

We enjoyed creating some of our own Chinese dragons and lanterns! We also tried some different Chinese Dim Sum as part of our snack.

To finish the week off we had a PSHCE day focused on a healthy lifestyle. This included exercising, healthy food and our mental well-being!


This week the children have become Scientists! On Monday we received a letter from Richard and he is a research scientists in Antarctica. He had asked us to do lots of different experiments to help him! 

We converted the role play area into a science lab and took on our mission!





After exploring the North Pole so well, we went on another expedition to the South Pole! Here we learnt all about the Emperor Penguins and even found on hiding in school!! Eventually we had to write a letter to the Zoo to ask them to come and collect Pengwee the Penguin.

We researched who first went to the South Pole and who is now there. Children created their own research centres and building different vehicles to cross the snow.


The Arctic

This week Selby Class have been on a visit to the Arctic! This is our first trip to the North Pole and the children have loved learning all about the different animals, people who live there and also exploring some of the activities we can do there like ice fishing! Check out the picture below for some of the children's home and school learning.


Christmas Fun!

This week Selby Class have spent the week having lots of christmas fun and games! We enjoyed Christmas dinner, a Christmas party and we've made lots of winter crafts! 
Merry Christmas to all the children in Selby Class and see you in the New Year!

Miss B and the Selby Team x


This week has been as busy as ever and I am super proud of the Selby Children. This week they have finished learning all of their set 1 sounds in Read, Write, Inc! The children are doing incredibly well and always enjoy working with Fred to read words. 

The children have begun thinking about winter and making some different craft including a pompom snowman. These have taken lots of time and really tested our fine motor skills but they are going to look great!!

We finished our week with a PSHCE day thinking all about keeping safe. The children practiced STOP, LOOK, LISTEN and THINK road safety down the drive. We also talk safety around water, electricity and online safety! Ask you child if they can remember Buddy's online safety song.

Stars in the night!

This week Selby Class have finished their Space topic by looking at stars. They learnt about what stars are, which star is the biggest in our solar system and create their very own star constellation. The children have loved this topic! They have create space pictures and games, the game include rocketships, astronauts and even a few aliens. 

Make sure if you head off into the night for a walk you gaze upwards and see what stars or planets you can spot!

We have continued working extremely hard on our phonics and the children are nearly at the end of set 1. I am so impressed at how well the children are blending and segmenting sounds. Maths we have continued looking at 4 sided and 5 sided shapes. We've made them out of matchsticks and found the shapes around the classroom. 


Blasting off into Space!

This week we have learnt all about rockets! We have updated our Planetarium to become a rocket and we've been blasting off to different planets! The children have also designed and created their own rockets which look awesome and put our fine motor and creative skills to the test. Watching a rocket launch lead to lots of questions about how a rocket can blast into space and why it needs to much fire. We've also enjoyed our book of the week which followed a rocket ship car through a space journey, which has led to lots of creative construction.


This week we have focused on ASTRONAUTS! The children have loved discovering what astronauts do and why they go into space! They have spent time discussing the space suit and what it is used for and listening to Tim Peake talk about his space experience. The children used the Planetarium to help them decide which planet they would be blasting off to next! 

Come back next week to see where are blasting off to in our ROCKETSHIP!

We have also spent an afternoon this week focusing on the Anti-bullying campaign. We talked around the word united and what it meant for everyone. We create a jigsaw puzzle piece each that fit together so that we can ensure that we treat everybody kindly even if we are different.

Fine motor skills have been put to the test this week we different challenges including cutting out our astronauts, picking up coloured match sticks with tweezers and threading pictures. The children have done a great job and risen to every challenge!

We have continued learning our sounds and we are now nearly through set 1 and I am so impressed. We have also focused on positional language in Mathematics, creating bear hunts for each other to describe where the bears are. The children have really enjoyed going on different bear hunts around Selby Class.

Our Planetarium

In Selby Class this week we have continued to create the planets of our solar system so that we can have our own planetarium up and running next week. We can't wait to show you all the hard work we have put in. The children can now identify each planet and have loved deciding which colours they needed to paint their planets.

So make sure you stop by to have a look at how awesome the Selby Planetarium is!!

We have also spent some time this week reflecting on Remembrance Day and why it is celebrated. We joined in with the whole school remembrance service and learnt about what our poppies represent.

In Maths we went on a shape hunt around the school. We focused on triangles and circle but saw lots of other shapes too. The children loved exploring the school environment especially out on the big playground!

See if you can see what shapes we have spotted in the pictures below!

On Friday we all came dressed up as superheros for Children in Need day! We had a great day learning about what Children in Need do and how we can help. We also thought about lots of superheros including doctors, nurses and policeman. The children all looked fabulous and even joined in with Joe Wicks 24 hour excise challenge.


WOW what a busy first week back!

Our first day was a PSHCE day, we thought about and discussed our special relationships, emotions and how to be a good friend. The children talked about their different families. We created our own pictures of our families and our very own friendship hands!

We then began to learn all about our new topic SPACE! We started learning the planets song and understanding some key facts all about the planet we live on 'Earth'. The knowledge that the children already had on space blew me right up into the atmosphere! They are amazing so don't forget to go out for a late night walk and look at all those stars shining brightly.

We have also had some fun creating and making some different things this week. The children watched a video of a firework display and then created their own pictures and they look amazing!! We enjoyed naming each different type of firework such as 'Boom', 'Bang', 'Pop' and 'Wishhhhh! The children also each made a poppy for our class wreath in preparation for the remembrance service next week.



The Five Senses

This week we have finished our topic on the five senses with a week focused on taste. We have tasted lots of different fruits and vegetables, some of which we had never seen before. 

The children thoroughly enjoyed discussing and looking at the dragon fruit, before we could even tell the children what it was they had collectively decided it was dragons egg! We also enjoyed the children's sour faces as they tried limes and lemons!

We have also continued looking at carnivals and thinking all about Black History Month. We watched videos and looked closely at pictures of carnival masks and then created our own! I think they would fit in perfectly to the carnival!  


This week we have focused on the sense 'smell'. The children have created their own smelly wall outside by planting different herbs. We also smelt some different herbs and spices that we would find at the carnival while thinking about Black History Month and smelt some oils. We have discussed how we all liked different smells more than others and how this can make us unique!

R.E day was fun! We created our very own leaf hedgehogs and thought all about how we care for and look after all of God's creations!

The children have continued with their phonics sounds and are now starting to blend the sounds together to READ words. They are doing AMAZING! In Maths this week we have created patterns!


We have continued to look at 'The Five Senses' and this week we have looked to touch. We have described different objects, we have played games which we hid different objects and had to tell what they were from the description. The children have also enjoyed this weeks book 'Lucy's Picture' and creating our own class collage. 

The Five Senses

This week we have continued to explore and learn all about the five senses. Our focus has been hearing and listening! We have played lots of different listening games throughout the week and even enjoyed exploring the outside of school on our listening walk! We have also enjoyed the story 'What the ladybird heard', acting it out and discussing some of the WOW words.

The children are also learning lots of new sounds in their Read, Write, Inc sessions!

This week has been the children first full week and they have done amazingly!!!

We have begun learning and writing our sounds and have started our first topic

'The 5 Senses'.

We have focused on 'sight' this week using our observational skills to find objects and animals all around the classroom and outside. We have spotted the Red Kites flying high above the school along with lots of aeroplanes and helicopters.The children have enjoyed their first P.E lesson focused on moving our bodies in lots of different ways. 

Over the last two weeks we have welcomed all the new children into Selby Class. We have spent the last two weeks exploring our new classroom, learning all about our new routines at school and making lots of new friends. 



This week we have continued to learn all about people who help us. Our focus for this week has been looking at the postal service. At the start of the week we looked at what journey our letters take when we post them and what kinds of jobs the postmen and women do.

The children showed a keen interest in stamps looking to find out about the Queen and why she is on the stamps. So we wrote her some letters asking her lots of different questions and went on a walk to the post box to send them! We are eagerly waiting for her reply! 

While out on our walk we discussed our favourite places in the village including the green and fish and chip shop! We were also spotting signs of spring.

We also created our own stamps using our silhouettes to create them. Can you guess who is who?

In math's we have been working on addition through counting on. 

People Who Help Us

We have been looking at people who help us in Selby Class. This week we have been looking at people who work in the NHS and healthcare sector. We set up a doctors surgery and Selby class took it in turns to visit with the doctors and nurses and especially loved getting their injuries bandaged.

We have also been looking at volume and capacity in maths and have had great fun in the water this week, measuring and using some really good language to explain what is happening.

To improve our fine motor skills, we have been crafting with split pins and a variety of resources to create our very own dragons!

The Elves and The Shoemaker

Selby class have had a shoe shop in their class this week and listened to the story all about the Elves and the Shoemaker. They got so carried away, they wanted to decorate some shoes - they even added some sparkle and pom poms to the head teacher's pair of shoes! Take a look:

Rapunzel, Rapunzel ... let down your hair!

High up in a tower, in Selby class, a young lady called Rapunzel lives. Selby class have had a great week, learning this story and taking part in activities linked to the it. A hair salon opened for business and the children loved styling hair - some children learned how to plait and decorated them! The children also designed some castles of their own and then went on to make and decorate them in the craft area. There were some great conversations about what boxes to use and the 3D shapes they were. Also this week, the children have been learning about weight and using scales in class to compare two objects, guessing which will be lighter or heavier. 

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

No it's Bushy squirrel and friend. We had already named our frequent visitor Bushy and this morning, he had brought a friend with him. He had obviously told her about our super bird feeders in Selby area. Keep your eyes peeled!


This week we have been reading parts of the story The BFG and looking at what a kind and wonderful giant he was. He left his suitcase in our classroom one morning and inside were some of the dreams he had collected. We talked about our dreams for when we are older and what we hope to be when we grow up.

He also left a dream blower in our classroom, hung from the ceiling and we all made our own so we could blow good dreams into the world. 

As part of our maths learning, we have been learning about times and talking about bedtime, lunchtime and other important times during the day. We have all learnt to tell the time reading the hours of o'clock and some of us completed a challenge and can draw the hands on the clock in the right place.

Jack and the Beanstalk

Selby class have more giants in their classroom this week. Mr and Mrs Giant, from Jack and the Beanstalk have taken over their room, as has the beanstalk that mysteriously appeared over the weekend!

Selby class are so busy creating their number beanstalks, using collage and mosaic techniques to create lots of wonderful art work, constructing castles fit for a giant and working really well as a team.

As part of their writing, they have created a giant story board, taking turns to draw pictures and label them. Some of the children wanted to create a finger puppet theatre and put on a show for us. We also had great fun measuring the Giant's footsteps and then we had a go at measuring our feet, by drawing round them and then using a ruler! 

The Smartest Giant In Town

What a busy week Selby class have had! When the children came into class on Monday morning, they found some giant clothes on the floor and they soon found out who they belonged to - The Smartest Giant In Town!

This week, the children have made clothes, crowns, party hats and necklaces for the giant, using their mathematical language for 3D shapes and making some wonderful repeating patterns. His socks needed sorting from smallest to largest on the washing line. The children also made thank you cards to send to the giant from the animals, which allowed the children to independently use their learning from Read Write Inc. 


In music, we have been learning about rhythm and creating beats to our names and popular nursery rhymes. We used our African drums and had great fun!


We also had time to talk about 'Keeping Pants Private' using NSPCC materials to support children in learning about keeping themselves safe. They all loved the Pantosaurus song!


What a busy week!


"The Smartest Giant In Town" by Julia Donaldson

Chinese New Year

Selby class have been looking at the Chinese New Year this week.



Which means 'Happy New Year!'


We have learnt how the order of the animals that represent each year was decided. We watched a short animation and then after learning about shadow puppets, some of the children decided to make their own.


We also have looked at how Chinese people decorate their homes, to celebrate the new year and bring good fortune into their lives. Red is a lucky colour and so we thought our school uniform is lucky because it is red.


We are reading a book called 'Dragon In The City' and it is about a girl who loves Chinese New Year and we get to spend the day with her and her friend as they have a family reunion, a feast, a visit a local festival and see the dragon! 


We have made up a dragon song and dance in P.E and created some very scary masks and we used them in the dance. Mrs Cox played a giant drum and we all came out of our caves as dragons and danced around. It was great fun!


We are now making a dragon in our classroom, it is red and yellow and really big! We created our own dance of the dragon and it was great fun.


In class, we have also made red and yellow lanterns and hung them all around, to decorate our classroom.


We have also had the opportunity to use chopsticks and write Chinese numbers. After all this hard work, we needed some food, so we all had the chance to sample some traditional Chinese food like; rice, noodles, mandarins, fortune cookies and seaweed. We also sampled lemon tea, with Mrs Legg and Miss Bellerby.  


This week has been a busy week, with lots of learning and fun. 

Let's Learn All About China and the Chinese New Year

CBeebies | Chinese New Year (Lunar New Year) | Zodiac Story

Learn how the Zodiac years were named by the Jade Emperor.

Chinese New Year Song for KiChildren

We listened and danced to this song in PE. We then wrote our own version.

Forky and His New Friends!


In Selby class we are looking at toys and we even have our own workshop in our role play area, to make toys which we can sell in our shop. We had a surprise visitor on Wednesday and it was a well known character from Toy Story, called Forky. He wanted us to make some new friends for him and we did just that! Take a look:

Lost and Found

We read a book called Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers and learnt all about Antarctica.

The Boy and Penguin sail to Antarctica. We found out all about Antarctica and talked about what would we pack to go on a trip like this. Have a look at our ideas.

After reading the book Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers we made our own missing posters to help Penguin find his home. We used the sounds we know to write the posters.


We learnt all about chocolate, we read the book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl and learnt all about Ghana.

We learnt a traditional African dance!

We looked at the traditional clothes which poeple wear in Ghana, we saw that they use lots of bright colours and patterns, especially colours from their flag. We replicated some of the fabric they use using 2d shapes, some of us tried hard to do repeating patterns. We also painted the Ghana flag!

When we looked at how the cocoa pods we harvested in Ghana, we saw how people carried the pods in baskets on their heads. We found out that the people in Ghana start doing this from a really young age so they get really good at it! We thought that we would have a go at it too, it took a lot of concentration and balance!

We also learnt all about Ghana, when we looked at chocolate, we learnt it is one of the biggest places which produce cocoa. We looked where Ghana was on the world map and talked about the equator and what effect it had on the weather there.

In our chocolate topic, Willy Wonka set us a challenge to design a new gobstopper on the computers, it had to have 14 spots on it! That was the number of the week. We used the mouse pad to control the 2simple paint program to make circles.

Athlete in School

Jenny Wall work came into school to do exercise circuits with us, we all worked so hard and showed great team work cheering all our friend on. What a great afternoon!

We joined in The Big Morning Move with Joe Wicks for Children in Need. It was hard work but we did it!

We made poppy biscuits for Remembrance Day.

Project Wild

This week we have been learning all about animals which hibernate, Project Wild brought in some animals to show us too! We were so brave holding all the different creatures.

Bonfire Night

In Selby Class we have been thinking about Bonfire Night, we learnt all about Guy Fawkes, learnt a bonfire poem with actions and made edible sparklers.

Making edible sparklers!


Today we had a fun day, full of learning all about relationships. First of all, we learnt that there are so many different types of relationships and we all decided want to have relationships that are good for us.

We all showed pictures of our families and talked about who they were and soon realised that not one of us had the same family! It was fun to hear about cousins, grandparents and aunties and uncles - there were some funny stories shared too!

We then talked about emotions and played a game to explore the different types of feelings we can have as we grow up. When our families came in the afternoon, some of us played the game with them.

It is important to keep safe and we talked about people we can trust - we call them trusted adults. We talked about who  are trusted adults to us and know they are here to help us and keep us safe.

In the afternoon, after we made all our families dance with us, we made a giant friendship paper chain, with hand prints on telling us how to be a good friend. We also made friendship bugs and they looked really cute!

We love having our families come and spend time in our classroom and we can show what we have learnt!

Our Very First Class Assembly

We have had a wonderful week in Selby class and have really tried especially hard because we had something special at the end of the week. We had our very first class assembly. We decided to tell everyone about what we had learnt about harvest and the local farmers in Wistow. We then showed photos of our Autumn walk and showed everyone our wonderful artwork. We sang a song about tractors and we all remembered our lines and spoke clearly. We did our best and Mrs Cox, Mrs Nicholson and Mrs Legg were all very proud of us.

Autumn Days

In Selby class this week, we are learning about the season 'Autumn'. We started in maths by taking a walk around our school and collecting things that showed us that Autumn has begun. We found lots of things from golden leaves that had fallen from the trees, to shiny conkers that had not been picked up yet! 

We have then used our Autumn collection in maths to help us make groups of 6 and we have created some super art work too! We will be showing our parents this in our first class assembly on Friday. We are all very excited about it! 

All Aboard!

Selby class have had a busy week, looking at all types of trains and travel, whilst doing some great number work in and out side. This afternoon, the children worked together to make a fantastic train, with all sorts of facilities on board. The train was going over a bridge, with a river below. Luckily for us, we had some expert drivers on board and we all enjoyed our train ride.

Week 4

Some strange eggs arrived in our classroom, we observed them closely and predicted what we thought was inside. We all had lots of great ideas!

In maths this week we have been looking at the number 4! We have been doing lots of active maths, representing 4 in lots of different ways, counting, finding out what makes 4 and looking at 2D shape.

We have been reading our new class book this week, The Kiss That Missed by David Melling - we went on a picture hunt and ordered the story then we independently created our own story maps!

We have started to make our own knights shield, we carefully designed our shields first after looking at lots of examples, then we painted our shields making sure we closely followed our designs.

Week 3

Someone had made a cosy den in our outdoor area......we thought the Big Bad Wolf has been back! We investigated and some of us even came up with ways we could make a trap to capture the wolf and other made their own shelters!

In the Mud Kitchen we made potions to make the Big Bad Wolf sleep!

In Maths this week we have been looking at the number 3. We have represented the number in lots of different ways, counted 3, played noughts and crosses, looked at 2D shapes with 3 sides and started looking at the addition for 3.

We have been busy in the writing area this week, calling our favourite characters on our telephones. We carefully inputted the correct numbers and then wrote a message!

We made paper plate pigs in the creative area!

We came into the classroom to find straw and footprints all over it! We followed the trail and found something had left a huge mess of wood, bricks and straw. Who could it have been?

We used magnifying glasses to look for more clues and wrote them down! We all thought the Big Bad Wolf had been here.........We were right!

We read the story The Three Little Pigs and made houses from wood bricks and straw in the outdoor area!

Our 'Numbers of the week' have been numbers 1 and 2. We have also been practising our 'careful counting'!

September 2018-2019

World Ocean Day

We celebrated World Ocean Day by learning all about the plastic pollution in our seas and the things we can do to help stop it. We had a fun day designing our own ocean creatures and making a huge octopus for our school scarecrow and participating in lots of ocean activities. Have a look at our pictures below;


Year 1 followed the full design process to make their own ocean creatures for the school scarecrow, their design specification said it had to be waterproof, colourful and be easily tied to a fence. They then designed their creatures and wrote how they would make it and finally they made and evaluated their designs.

30 Days Wild Challenge

We have started the 30 Days Wild Challenge from The Wildlife Trust, we are trying to fit in one of the challenges each day. We have walked on grass and looked at clouds so far. We loved looking at the clouds and we saw so many things in them - a dinosaur, a train, a face and a camel to name a few!

Look at our pictures!

The Gruffalo has built his cave in our classroom! He left his delicious picnic all over the grass for us to find. We have been thinking about light and dark and using the torches to read books in the cave!

Our caterpillars have now turned into chrysalis's! We are having fun observing them, in 2 weeks or less they will be beautiful butterflies!


We had a great time with all the parents who joined us at our PSHCEE day, we were learning how to be active citizens. One of our tasks was to follow rules, so we played group games with rules that we had to follow to ensure we completed the tasks/games correctly. Everyone had great fun!

Have a look at us following rules and working as a team!

Caterpillars have come to stay!

After looking at the life cycle of a butterfly some caterpillars came to visit us. They will be staying in our classroom and we will be observing them changing throughout their life cycle.

Life Cycle of a Butterfly

We read The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle and learnt all about the life cycle of a butterfly, then we had fun making the life cycle out of pasta and labelled each stage correctly.

Have a look at our pictures of us making our pasta butterfly life cycles.

Tidy Cloakroom Winners

Selby class have been working hard to keep their cloakroom tidy and have won the award for last term! They enjoyed their reward from Miss White today in the garden, in the sun. Well done Selby class.

Bob's new job!

In Literacy We had a mysterious message from Bob, he had got a new job as caretaker of the Moon! He was a bit nervous and needed our help. Bob wanted us to help him by finding out all about the moon. We also made a list of items Bob should take with him to the moon.

We looked at the painting Trafalgar Square by Mondrian and created our own Mondrian inspired pictures using the line and fill function on 2simple paint. Look at our brilliant pictures!

We used the paint function in 2 simple to make our own version of Kandinsky's Concentric Circle picture, we selected the colours and different sized brushes to create the effects.

We talked about the characters in our story Once Upon a Time Online and then drew pictures of them on the computers after we learnt how to select different colours.

First of all we remembered how to log on to our computers and find the paint program.

20/3/2019 - This week it is our ICT week, we will be learning to use the 2simple paint program, learning about different artists and re-creating their famous paintings on our computers. We will also be learning about online safety and reading the book Once Upon a Time Online.