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Why Do Christians Celebrate Easter? Watch and Learn.

The Easter Story

Take a look at some of these videos that tell us all about the Easter story.

Palm Sunday - Easter Week

Tells us all about hos Jesus arrived in Jerusalem, where palm branches were laid on his path to celebrate his arrival.

Good Friday - Easter Week

A short video telling us about how Jesus was betrayed by Judas and how he died upon a cross for us.

Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday

An animated clip narrating what happened after Jesus was crucified.

An Easter Prayer


Dear God,

Thank you for giving us such good gifts.
For our families who love us.
For yummy food and tasty drink.
For so many different beautiful animals.
For parks with tall trees and soft grass.
For birds that fly among the clouds.
For seas and streams that are fun to paddle in.
And thank you for your son Jesus.
We like to read about him in the bible.
He taught his disciples about you.
He healed people who were sick.
He walked on water,
And even died and came back to life.
Help us to remember all the things he did
And celebrate him on this special day.