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Welcome to Fountains Class

Autumn Term 2020.


"Wistow" is the first main theme for our work this term. We will be finding out about or village, including its physical and man made features, how it has changed over time and important landmarks. This will lead on to work on maps! We will then move on to work about Christmas and of course, the Nativity!   This year we are performing Toby's Drum by Out of the Ark Music.

Our science this term initially involves a focus on the seasons and living things and their habitats.  We will be looking closely to see what is living in the school grounds and the local area before focusing on habitats in other countries. 

Our art, design and technology work is also linked with our local area and we will be trying our hand at collage, observational drawing and sewing.  We will also be making natural art sculptures inspired by Andy Goldsworthy.


In Maths we will be focusing on the following:

 Year 1- Shape and place value.

Year 2- Money.

Any practice learning number bonds to 10 and then 20 will help.  

Using coins and playing shops at home is a fun way to help too.


In our English work Year 1's will continue with Read Write Inc and the majority of Year 2's will be focusing on Autumn poetry, stories with familiar settings, traditional and fairy stories. 


Our question in RE is " Why does Christmas matter to Christians? Hopefully we will be able to visit both the church and chapel. We shall also be meeting our friends Bumble and Tweet again.

Fountains Class!

Sunflower Sewing!

Looking carefully at coins!

Exploring 3D shapes!

Using the laptops to create a Powerpoint about Wistow!

We wrote questions to ask a super hero!

Writing instructions about how to build a Lego character.

Fountains have invented their own game- The Incredibles!

Carnival Time!

Still image for this video

Carnival headdresses inspired by the Leeds West Indian Carnival

Investigating what seeds need to germinate!

Poetry Performances!

Leaf printing and sunflower collages...

Andy Goldsworthy inspired art!

Refurbishing the insect hotel.

Cricket fun! Fountains Class verses the 44 mph wind!

Minibeast hunt!

Year 2 learning about and using adjectives. Super neat writing and begining to edit work!

Marvellous Maths! Using ><= signs to compare amounts.

Science Fun! Identifying if something is living, dead or never alive.

How tall are our sunflowers?

September 2019-2020


Summer Term 2020


"Who was Mary Anning?" is the main theme for our work this half term. We will be finding out Mary, her life and how she changed science, especially the study of Evolution due to her amazing fossil finds in Lyme Regis. This will lead on to work on dinosaurs!

Our science this term initially involves a focus on the seasons.  This will also help us with our poetry writing.  We will then begin a focus on 'Animals including Humans.'


In Maths we will be focusing on the following:

 number and measurement, multiplication and division, geometry and time.


Year 1 need to tell the time to the half hour and Year 2 need to know the time to the quarter hour and five minute intervals.

Year 1's will focus on multiples and Year 2's their times tables.

Any practice learning number bonds to 10 and then 20 will help.  

Using coins and playing shops at home is a fun way to help too.


In our English work Year 1's will continue with Read Write Inc and Year 2's will be focusing on poetry, diary writing, explanation texts and fantasy stories. 


Our question in RE is related to having a wider understanding of the beliefs of others.  Who is a Muslim and what do they believe ? We shall also be meeting our friends Bumble and Tweet again.









Training to be nurses

We have been very busy training to be nurses just like Florence Nightingale did when she went to Germany and France.  We learned about the need for clean hands, clothes and bedding.  We practiced putting slings and bandages on our friends.  We even made beds and cared for our patients!

Florence Nightingale's Lamp

We've been busy following instructions to make a model lamp.  It was very tricky folding and cutting to make 2 pieces of paper look like a real  lamp!  

Pancake Fun!

This week we found out all about Shrove Tuesday and took part in some of it's traditions.  We tried pancake races, flipping pancakes and of course, eating pancakes!

We also found out about why Shrove Tuesday is so important to some Christians.

My Healthy Lifestyle

We had fun finding out how to have a healthy lifestyle during our latest PSHE day.  We found out about healthy balanced diets- and even made banana smoothies.  We practised cleaning teeth, designed a healthy meal, washed our hands properly and then had time to think about how we can help have a healthy mindset.  All Fountains class thought of ways to help calm themselves down and what to do if we are upset.  We all had great ideas which we have shared with each other.

Victorian Toys

This week we have been making replica Victorian toys.  We have used pegs, fabric and wool scraps to make peg dolls.  We have also been using hack saws safely to cut wooden dowel for axels for toys carts.  

Maths Open Lesson

We were delighted to have our parents join us for Maths on Friday morning. We did lots of work learning about the properties of 3D shapes and using terms such as edge, face and vertices. 

A few of our favourite things!

We all enjoyed sharing what we learnt about chocolate and our favourite toys during our assembly on Friday.  If anyone has any toys from past we would love to see them.

Interviewing the mice!

We have been reading Kipper's Toybox and thinking about the characters and their actions.  This week we tried some 'hot seating' when we pretended to be the mice.  We all wrote questions for them.

Special Visitor

Mr Smith, from Nestle, came to visit us this week.  He told us about the history of chocolate in York.  We found out about how chocolate is made and even got some chocolate to take home!  It was a great end to our topic about York!  Thank you Mr Smith.

PSHE Day  Keeping myself safe

On Friday we found out many ways to keep ourselves safe including when crossing the road.  We also focused on dangers at home and when using our tablets or parents' phones.  We had a very busy day!

City of York Badges

We have designed and then made our own badges to represent the city of York.  We have all been practising our sewing skills.

Painting fun!

We've been busy painting using watercolours.  Our paintings will be added to our class display board.  Can you guess what we have been painting?

Project Wild

Nick from Project Wild brought some amazing creatures for us to meet.  We were even allowed to told some of them.  We met a grass snake called Lucien, a rose haired tarantula called Charlie, a leaf bug and a toad named Toddle.  We found out lots about looking after wildlife and each of the different creatures.  

PSHE Day- Me and My Relationships 

We have had an amazing day finding out how marvellous we all are and how to keep safe. We worked together to name and label parts of our body.  We then thought about how to be a good friend.  Our families are also important to us and they came along to join us in the afternoon.

Super Squash


We have had so much fun growing our own squash from seed.  We have then drawn them and also made squash soup! Yum Yum!


We have been painting our own pictures of Bumble and Tweet.  We have been using watercolours and mixing different shades.

Following Instructions

We have been busy following instructions about how to play conkers.  We then made our own conker Tweet.  After that we began to write our own instructions.

Conker Tree Corner

Fountains have been busy writing character descriptions of Bumble the bee and Tweet the robin who live at Conker Tree Corner.

Look back soon to see our pictures of them!

Busy writing!


Making Templates

We have been busy making paper templates for our badge designs.

Our Pumpkins!

Have a look at how our pumpkins are doing!

Living Things

This week we have been focusing on whether something is living, dead or has never been alive in science.  We have been exploring our outside area to find as many different living things as we can.

September 2018-2019

A very busy day!


Fountains class have had a very busy day! 

We've had a wedding to prepare for. 

As part of our RE work on sacred places and celebrations, we had a pretend wedding in church. The Reverend Terry came to help us all with the service.  We spent the day preparing food, including making delicious sandwiches and decorating biscuits all ready for the celebrations. We made enough for the whole school.


The Deep

We have had a fantastic trip to The Deep and saw many amazing sea creatures.  Here are a few photographs but go to the Gallery page for more! A huge thank you to all our parent helpers who came with us. Another huge thank you to FOWSA who contributed towards us all having a pencil and notebook.

Creative Sea Creatures


We have started to design and make models of strange new sea creatures found at the bottom of the ocean.   Have a look at our work so far...

Becoming an active citizen.

On our latest PSHCEE day we focused on becoming an active citizen. We first tried to improve and care for our own outside area.  We planted seeds, redid the planters, weeded and even sanded the shed.  A huge thank you to all our parents for helping us.  We also thought about recycling and what other steps we can do to help such as switching off lights, walking to school and using less plastic.

Performing Poetry


We've been busy preparing for our class assembly by practising performing a few of our favourite animal and ocean themed poems.



Salvation is the theme of our RE work this term.  We focused on the events of Holy Week and looked at various images related to these.  We then began to create our own art work.

Blast off into space!

During our Literacy sessions we are travelling into space.  We are using exciting adjectives to describe the setting of Q Pootle 5.  We are now going to create and describe our own story settings in space.

We have had a very busy week. 

On a sunny afternoon we went looking for signs of Spring and then produced some careful observational drawings. 

Fabulous fun with fractions!

During we Science week had a great time.  We created our own shadow puppets and observed how our shadows change direction throughout the day.  Professor Roddy and Richard from the University of York also came to visit us. 

We had lots of fun on Shrove Tuesday.  We found out about the celebrations of Shrove Tuesday in different countries.  

Pancake Fun

We have been reading lots of books by Julia Donaldson and telling our friends about them.
We were very lucky when the Selby Fire Brigade came to put out our replica Pudding Lane.