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Academic Year 2023 - 2024

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Summer Term 1 2024


Who were the Victorians?

Fountains Class are going back in time to the Victorian Era this half term. They will first find out why this period of time is the called the Victorian Era. Then they will learn about Queen Victoria and how life in Britain changed during her rule.  The children will focus on the life of children and the jobs that poor children had.  They will also have the opportunity to experience a Victorian School day and will find out about the past from different sources such as photographs, paintings, written records of the time and artefacts.

Key Vocabulary

artefact, childhood, Victorian


Art this half term is a focus on mark making. We will use different line types and mark-making techniques in drawing; enhancing our ability to describe lines, control drawing materials like pencils and chalk, and experiment with various media, while responding to music.      

Key Vocabulary

cross-hatch, diagonal, charcoal 


Science this term first involves finishing work on ‘Animals including Humans.’  Life cycles, growing and changing and the basic needs of animals are some of the areas we will look at, along with exercise and healthy eating.  We will then start a unit of work on Plants.

Key Vocabulary

herbivore, carnivore, omnivore


Religious Education this half term is the second part of our work on ‘Who is a Muslim and what do they believe?’ This involves finding out about a Muslim place of Worship and some of their key festivals and celebrations.

Key Vocabulary

Mosque, Qur’an, Ramadan




In Computing the children will be continuing to look at Pictograms. They will begin to understand what the term data means and how data can be collected in the form of a tally chart. They will then progress onto presenting data in the form of pictograms and finally block     diagrams. Children will use the data presented to answer questions.  This is then followed by a unit of work about Making Music using Chrome Music Lab.


Key Vocabulary

data, pictogram, attribute


PSHE  first involves finishing  a focus on Citizenship. In this unit of work children will focus on caring for animals and younger children. The final part of the unit focuses on democracy and the work of the school council.  As always, our PSHE follows the age appropriate North Yorkshire Council PSHE Guidance.

Key Vocabulary

responsibility, vote, unique




This term we will be focusing on Gymnastics and Target Games.  We will have to continue to be flexible with our PE sessions this term.  Please ensure that your child has a PE kit in school all week, and that they have both indoor and outdoor clothes – just in case!




The children will first be  learning about  Mass and Volume.  This is then followed by a unit of work on Multiplication and Division.  Any practise with counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s will help your child.

Key Vocabulary

groups of, divide, volume



All children will be having a 20 minute Read Write Inc reading and phonics session daily. 

This term we will also be trailing a new  writing programme, to help us with our  writing and Spelling and Grammar knowledge.

The book for our first unit of work is The Dragon Machine by Helen Ward.



Summer Term 1 Newsletter

Spring Term 2024


A dragon arrives!

World Book Day fun!

Pancake Flipping!

Still image for this video

Autumn Term 2 2023

Forest school fun!

Pumpkin Picking!

Clarice Cliff inspired painting.

Sorting animals into the correct habitat.

Greater than and less than

Parable of the Sower art activity

Science. Investigating our local environment.


Summer Term 2   2023

Science. Identifying plants and trees.

Science fun! Tidying and planting seeds.

Summer 1 Newsletter

A trip to church to investigate sacred places.

Tidy Cloakroom Award Reward

Coronation Celebrations

Collective Worship.

Lego block printing.

Computing- Digital Writing!

Project Wild

Mother's Day Cards

Investigating suitable materials for a bucket!

World Book Day Fun!

Collective Worship

Spring Term 1 2023 Newsletter

Being an explorer for the day!

The arrival of a baby dragon!

Going on a quest...

Autumn Term 2 2022

Christingle fun!

Our class Advent Calendar.

Christmas Story Dance Workshop

Exploring stability of shapes.

Using tone to create 3D drawings.

Finding out about Shabbat.

Finding out about Max Ernst and the art technique of ‘Frottage’

Our trip to church!

Making rubbings of different textures.

Spotting repeating patterns and then creating our own!

Recognising and drawing Christian symbols

Maths fun!

School Year 2021-22


Skipping fun!

How do our muscles work?

Cricket coaching!

Summer Term 1 2022

Our Collective Worship about prayer.

Sandwich making.

Helping to tidy our outside area.

Jubilee fun!

Our amazing homework projects!

Look who popped in for a visit?

The finished mini thrones, ready for a queen!

Using a hacksaw!

Measuring fun!

Spring Term 2 2022

Holi dancing!

Investigating the strength of magnets!

Pancake Races

Still image for this video

Pancake Flipping

Still image for this video

More brilliant pancake flipping!

Still image for this video

Spring Term 1 Newsletter

Fun with Pic Collage!

Chinese New Year fun!

Starting our Ancient Egyptians Topic!

Science sound fun!

Autumn Term  2 2021

Would you like to have lived in Victorian times and celebrated a Victorian Christmas?

Newsletter Autumn Term 2 2021

Christingle Fun!

Printing inspired by William Morris!

Exploring nets in preparation for making Crystal Palace.

Congratulations on reaching 50 on the Reading Challenge!

Autumn Term 1 2021


Would you like to have lived in Victorian York?




A very special Zoom call to start our Victorian Day!

Using a slate and chalk!

DIY Chalk Board!

This fantastic chalk board was made at home!

Investigating the reflection of light...

Fountains began work on a new genre today...playscripts!

It was wonderful to be back in church...

We have made Victorian peg dolls! There was a lot of glue!

Using a thesaurus to find exciting adjectives to describe characters.

Exploring whether something is a source of light! We had a few tricky ones to discuss!

Academic Year 2020-21

Summer Term 2, June 2021


Off on holiday!

Island Explorers!


Our main topic “Off On Holiday!” continues

but now we are focusing further away from Yorkshire as we will be  Island Explorers. We will be investigating the features of the coast on the Island of Coll, in Scotland and then comparing it to the Galapagos Islands.  We will be locating these places on maps and using terms such as the four compass points, equator, North and South Pole.


Our Art and Design and Technology work is linked to the theme as we will be finishing  our moving under water scenes using  simple mechanisms such as pulleys.  We will also be using clay, and using a view finder to focus on a specific part of a seaside scene and animals just like the Naturalist and Artist Charles Darwin did, when he visited the Galapagos.

The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch will also lead on to making food such as a sandwiches!


Computing will have a focus on using various IT packages to produce seaside themed Art.


Science involves a look at plants, bulbs and seeds.  As well as labelling the parts of various plants, the children will be naming a variety of common plants found in the local area.  This is something you can all help with, in your garden or on walks around Wistow, Cawood and Selby. We will also be looking at the life cycles of plants and what they need to grow.  No work on plants is complete without trying to grow some from seed,  so  fingers crossed!


Religious Education this half term is “What is the good news Jesus brings?” This involves looking at the stories Jesus told and how Christians use these in their day to day lives.  Themes such as forgiveness, saying sorry and showing love and care to those who need it are all part of this.



English this term involves creating our own information and explanation texts, related to creatures, who live by the British coast and far away islands.  We will also be  reading ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch’ and the Katie Morag stories and using these as a base for a recap of the genres we have covered this year.

Read Write Inc.  continues daily for some Year 1 children, with either Mrs Legg or Miss Senior.



Year 1  This half term involves an introduction to time to the half hour and then numbers and place value to 100.  There is than a focus on money.

Year 2  We will start by finishing work on time. This is then followed by measurement including weight, length and capacity. Finally there is problem solving using all the knowledge we have already learnt this year,








Making clay thumb pots, after being inspired by the giant tortoises of the Galapagos Islands.

We have finished our underwater scenes, complete with pulleys and levers!

Summer Term  2021



We are being optimistic in Fountains Class this term, as our main topic is “Off on holiday!”

This involves investigating the British coast and seaside, past and present. A great way to help your child at home is to talk about the seaside trips the children, parents and grandparents have had!  You could even get out a photo album and look at the times you have visited the seaside.

We will be investigating the features of the coast and seaside and also finding places on a map.

Our Art and Design and Technology work is linked to the theme as we will be looking at some famous sea scapes by JW Turner and Katsushika Hokusai.


Our science work is based on Animals including Humans this term and we will be able to link this to sea creatures too!


English this term involves a couple of new genres—stories by the same author and information texts. We will first be looking at stories of by Julia Donaldson linked to the sea and seaside  We shall also be creating our own information and explanation texts, related to creatures who live by the

British coast.

Read Write Inc  continues daily for some Year 1 children, with either Mrs Legg or Miss Senior.



In Maths we will be focusing on the following:

Year 1- Counting in 2's, 5's and 10's.  An introduction to multiplication and division, doubles, halving and grouping.

Year 2- Finishing work on fractions, including 1/4's, 3/4's and equivalent fractions.  This is then followed by measurement, including weight, length and capacity,


Any practice of quick recall of number bonds to 10 and 20 will help.

Year 2's can start to learn their 2,5,10 and 3 times tables and division facts.


Our work in RE focuses on "What makes some places sacred?"

Taste testing fun!

Cricket fun! Our bowling is really improving! We all loved playing "Head, shoulders, knees and ball."