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Our School Day

School begins at 8.50am and finishes at 3.30pm. Pupils must arrive on time. We monitor attendance and punctuality routinely.


The school gates open at 8.45am. Both parents and children are not allowed into the playground until this time, as there is no supervision before. A member of staff will open the gates and let families on site at 8.45am each morning.


The school bell will ring 6 times and this will signify the beginning of school.


Children line up in their classes. Their teacher will then collect them to begin their school day. Children must be in the line at 8.50am to be marked as on time. If children arrive after their class has gone into school, they must report to the front door. This will be marked as a late before register. If they arrive after 9am, they must also report to the front door and this will be marked as a later after register has closed.


At 3.30pm, children are to be collected from outside their classroom's external door. If you are late collecting your child, we ask that you notify the school office asap. If you arrive after 3.35pm, please go to the school office to collect your child.


If you need to speak with a class teacher or member of staff, you can catch them on a morning for a quick chat or alternatively make an appointment to speak with them later. 


The office is open before and after school if you have any queries. Alternatively, you can contact them at: