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Welcome to Byland Class!

Watch this space for what we are learning and doing in our class!


2020 - 2021


Hello and welcome to Byland Class!


This half term, we will be learning a lot! Have a look at what we will be getting up to:


English - Story writing and diary writing.

Maths - Lengths, perimeter, multiplication, division.

Science - Rocks.

Topic - From the Stone Age to the Iron Age.

RE - Incarnation and Journeys.

Computing - Online Safety, Scratch.

PE - Archery and Yoga.


Check our page regularly to see what we have done each week!

Rocks rock!

We had a great afternoon in Byland Class finding out about the features of igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks! We even got to look at 12 different rocks and work out which type they were. Take a look!

Stone Age Jewellery

Byland Class had a brilliant time creating Stone Age jewellery this week out of sour dough. The children made teeth, stones, bones and shells that look just like they did in the Neolithic era! ⭐️

Pen Licences!

Congratulations to the first children in Byland Class to receive their pen licences!

Well done!


Environmental Change

The impact humans have made on the natural environment is astonishing.

In Byland Class, we have been learning about how and why to care for our environment.

We drew pictures to show how humans have changed the planet and discussed the positives and negatives to our actions.


To explore Creation and the wonderous world we live in, we painted some beautiful watercolour artwork and wrote a few words about what we are thankful for in our world.

The results were fantastic and it was lovely to hear what all the children appreciate most on our beautiful planet.

Black History Month

Byland Class created poetry based on Maya Angelou's work to celebrate Black History Month. 

We also looked at pictures and videos from Leeds West Indian Carnival and created our own fantastic head piece suitable for a carnival king or queen! Take a look below:

Story Mountain!

The children in Byland Class really enjoyed mapping out familiar fairy tales onto a story mountain. This helped us all understand how to create a good story structure and plot. We can't wait to write our stories next week! 📖

Stone Age Cave Art!

Byland Class have had a great time creating cave art from the Stone Age. 

We looked closely at Lascaux Cave in France and completed research about it too!

Have a look at the children's awesome work.


As we all know, fractions can be very tricky to master.

But, Byland class have absolutely blown Miss Jackson away this week with how well they have responded to some quite tricky learning!

Awesome work.


What a fantastic day we have had learning about our healthy lifestyles!

We wrote letters to a girl who needed our help, offering our advice and guidance. 

Next, the children created self portraits and their peers wrote some of their good qualities around the image which are now displayed in a beautiful class book.

In the afternoon, Byland got to taste different fruits and rank them from best to worst to encourage the children to lead healthy lives and make good food choices.

Which magnet is the strongest?

In science, we completed an experiment to find out which magnets were the strongest.

We attached a paperclip to a piece of wool and stuck that piece of wool to the table with tape.

We then held a magnet above the paperclip to see if it would hover. If it did, it meant the magnet was strong and had a large magnetic field.

Tired Out!

In today's P.E lesson, we completed different fitness exercises and listened to songs too.

It was great fun, we were all very tired! Look at everyone's red faces...

Class Assembly!

Thank you Byland Class for working so hard to create such a brilliant assembly.

We loved hearing about everything that you have learnt in your topic work so far and seeing some amazing Egyptian moves!


Maths open lesson

Thank you parents for coming in to see our maths lesson today!

First, we had an exciting competition using crackers to create shapes with different areas.

After that, we then created signs using square lettering.

Once our signs were complete, we worked out the area of each letter and each colour used.

The children had great fun, thank you for coming!

Byland try Yoga!

In P.E, Byland class have been learning different yoga poses.

The moves are based around African animals.

In small groups, the children created different routines and performed to the rest of the class.

Awesome work today!

Byland get Creative!

Today, Byland class released their creativity as part of a PSHCE morning.

We discussed what makes our class special and how we are all different, but together we make a team.

Everyone got to create their own 'We are' statement card to decorate our class door.

Great work Byland! Together, we are better!


Byland have been enjoying learning different yoga positions

and creating routines to show to the whole class. 

Well done!



Christmas Party!

Byland class had a great time celebrating at their Christmas party.

What a fantastic first term it's been; we are all looking forward to the next!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Making Thaumatropes

As part of our topic based on the Victorians, we created a popular toy called a thaumatrope.

It works by drawing two related images on either side of a round piece of card and attaching two pieces of string to either side.

You then twist the string rapidly to create the illusion of a moving image.

We really enjoyed making them as a class!


We have been learning how to make quizzes using 'Scratch'.

It has been very fun creating algorithms, designing a scratch character, adding a background to the quiz and using special effects.

We based the quiz on our times tables so that we could test our partners on them!


Thank you so much to the children in Byland class for working so hard to create the Christingle service oranges! We had so much fun making them with Mrs Williams.

We learned about what each item symbolises and why Christingle is celebrated every year.

Fagin's Den

Using watercolours, we recreated the scene of Fagin's Den.

There are lots of cloths hanging from the ceiling over a burning fire that keeps everyone warm.

It's not the tidiest place to live because so many orphan boys stay there!

Have a look at some of our designs:

Circuit Training

In P.E, we are improving our fitness by completing circuit training.

We have been learning how to use the correct technique when doing exercises such as squats, sit ups and press ups.

It has been so much fun, we also get to listen to music in these sessions.

Project Wild!

What a fantastic time we have had looking at different animals today!

Nick from 'Project Wild' visited the whole school and showed us four different animals.

Some of us were brave enough to hold them!

Byland class holding the animals!


We had a great day learning all about healthy relationships.

Our activities were based on a silent movie about a robot named Jack who didn't have and friends or family.

As a class, we discussed what a good friend is and designed the perfect robot friend for Jack.

We also discussed different families and how many families look different, but share the same love.


Thank you so much to any parents who came into school this afternoon. The children loved making their friend catchers with you!


Great fun making friend catchers on PSHCE day with parents!

House Points Cup Winners!

We've only gone and won it!!!

Super proud!

Mental Health Awareness Day!

As well as knowing how to look after our bodies, it is just as important to be able to look after our minds.

Today, the children in Byland class created a booklet all about themselves.

We discussed what mental health was and the different ways we can look after ourselves.

We then created drawings of ourselves with happy, healthy brains.

Peer Reading!

Thank you so much to the children from Rievaulx for listening to Byland class today.

The older children are so dedicated to helping others in the school.

They have organised this themselves. Amazing, well done!

Keeping Safe Online

Byland class proved today that they know how important it is to keep safe online.

Have a look at the rhyme they created about using search engines correctly.

I am very impressed!

Adverb Hunt!

In English, we are learning to improve our writing by using adverbs to describe verbs.

We completed an adverb hunt around the classroom, linking them to verbs and creating interesting sentences.

We now know how to effectively use adverbs in our writing.


Mixing English with P.E

Byland class have had great fun in P.E. They have been building different letters using their bodies.

They had to work well in a team and communicate clearly and quickly.

Their challenge was to build the letter 'Y' in complete silence.

Have a look at their success below:

Sponsored Walk!

Today, the whole school completed a sponsored walk.

In total, Byland walked over 60 miles! Well done!

Black History Month

On Monday 30th September, we began our celebrations for Black History Month.

We created four different pieces of artwork based on Abdul Karim, who worked closely with Queen Victoria during her reign.

Abdul Karim was originally from India, but worked hard to become successful in England.

Take a look at the beautiful pieces of art Byland class have made:

Victorian Street Descriptions

This week, we have been writing some fantastic descriptions about a Victorian street setting.

The children have used adjectives, similes, metaphors, personification AND expanded noun phrases to describe their street. Wow... what a list!

I am so impressed with the work they have produced.

If you would like to read them, take a look at our display in the entrance hallway.

Drama everywhere!


Byland class have been learning about the various jobs children in Victorian England had to do.

Each group created a freeze frame to represent a different job.

Have a look at the children's facial expressions and body language.

Do you think they're enjoying their new employment?




Victorian Drama!

September 2018-2019

Byland Class Trip - Royal Armouries

To support our learning about the Ancient Greeks, we visited the Royal Armouries where we took part in two workshops. It has been an absolutely fantastic day!

We have been doing frieze frames to retell the myth of Perseus and Medusa. We will be using these to help us to write a diary entry! Have a look!

Our Digestive System!

What liquids are good for our teeth? We have been investigating to find out whether certain liquids are better for our teeth than others. Have a look!

Our PSHCEE day has been very busy! We have learnt about money and banks as well as budgeting and charities.

Last week we spent time looking at Salvation and the Easter Story. We decided to develop our art skills and use clay to create our representation of Salvation.

Up scaling our drawing in Science to ensure that we show every last detail.

Red Nose Day 2019

Our superstar class mates have worked hard to write comics and stories. One of us has also designed and made a board game inspired by his story! We can't wait to have a read and a play! Well done!

We have used water and wind as inspiration for our Tanka Poetry. Have a look at some of our balances inspired by the sounds of nature!

Hot Seating the Creation of the World

Still image for this video

A super example of our Computing unit - We are researchers! We can now change a slide background, choose a font type, add animation and copy and paste pictures from the internet. Super Job!

Byland Class Blueprints

Wallace & Gromit Cracking Contraptions - The Snoozatron

Wallace Cant get to sleep so he uses his new invention to help him... what a great idea!
However Wallace and Gromit encounter a disaster ..... a thief strikes!
So Byland Class have been recruited to help Wallace invent new contraptions after all his other blue prints were stolen. We used this clip to help us think about how machines might help us in everyday life.

We know how to stay safe online!

Knowing that choices have consequences

Keeping Myself Safe

Oreo commercial UK 2012 - The Explanation to Daddy

This Oreo advert helped us to identify the features of an explanation text.

Explanation Texts



Byland class has been learning about persuasive texts and we have learned about the different elements that are involved in writing a good argument. We have also used adverts to identify how companies try to encourage us to buy their products. 

McDonald's Lift new advert by Leo Burnett

Can you see which persuasive devises McDonald's have used to encourage you to visit their restaurants?


All through November, Byland have learned how to use Bar models when solving word problems. We have learned that we can use them for addition, subtraction and multiplication. Super Job!


As part of our geography project, we learnt about volcanoes and how they are formed. We then designed our own volcano and researched some ingredients we could use to make it erupt! On Italian day, we all gathered together, prepared the materials and our volcano erupted magnificently! 


Still image for this video