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What Pupils Think of Wistow School


We asked children from across the whole school to say what they thought about Wistow Parochial C of E Primary School. Here are some of their answers:


"We enjoy coming to school as our friends are here. The teachers make sue we have good experiences and make great memories."


"Everyone is safe."


"It's a fun environment because we learn through different ways like theme days - I love those!"


"Children's behaviour is impeccable."


"We learn by our mistakes."


"Exciting clubs!"


"We have opportunities to go to some great places like Young Voices and The Deep."


"It's fun and we always have lots to do."


"Friends keep us company."


"The teachers are really good at what they do and teach us the right things at the right time of day. We would hate to do maths in the afternoon."


"We have nice classrooms and we look after our school."


"The challenges the teachers set help us keep our minds busy and learning."


"School meals are very, very tasty!"


"Teachers give us a good education."


"It's awesome and I love it at Wistow!"

Taken from a letter from a Year 5 buddy, to a new starter for the coming September, where they were introducing themselves and saying they would be there to help them and were talking about the school. They wrote:

"You don't have to fit in at Wistow, Wistow School changes to fit you."