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Word Gap

Our topic for this half term is habitats, this is following on from animals.

Word Gap – this is our guided reading format in Selby class.


Communication and Language: Speaking, Listening and Understanding.

Focused task

This week the story is ‘Stick Man’.


I have attached a reading by Axel Scheffler of the story underneath.


Read through the story for the first time. I am aware children will probably know this book pretty well. As a discussion for the first day I would like you to through the pages and spot the different types of habitats you and your child can see. For example, Urban and Woodlands. Ask your child if they can think of any other habitats these could be the beach, the sea, rainforest, mountains. 


Any work onto tapestry and their green work books please.

Axel Scheffler Reads Stick Man

Axel Scheffler reads aloud from Stick Man, written by Julia Donaldson and illustrated by Axel Scheffler. For more Common Core-ready resources and information...