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Week Commencing 06.07.20

I know who Jabir Ibn Hayyan and Al-Kindi were.

Hopefully, this week will be a hands on, fun week!

Firstly, I would like for you to research Jabir Ibn Hayyan and Al-Kindi. Who were they? What did they do?

After you have done that, you should use the sheet attached to complete the activity.

You may even want to make your own creation!

An activity will be added to Seesaw, where you can explain what you have made and how you made it.

Have fun!!

Week Commencing 29.06.20

I know about significant Islamic inventions.

Use the internet to find out about something that was invented during the Early Islamic era. You might want to choose the spinning wheel or the magnifying glass.

I would like for you to tell me about the scholar who invented it, draw or download a picture of your chosen item, explain how the item came to be developed and tell me about the modern day version of your chosen item.

An activity will be added to Seesaw on Tuesday. Have fun!

Week Commencing 22.06.20 

I know about the House of Wisdom.

So many of you have identify what the House of Wisdom was and who might visit it, so this week I would like for you to record a two minute advert that encourages people to visit it.

Use the internet and information that you have already found out to think of five reasons explaining what the House of Wisdom is and why people should visit.

You might even want to draw a poster to advertise your reasons too!

A Seesaw activity will be added on Tuesday where you will be able to record your videos and share your posters.

Perhaps you might even wear a costume!

Week Commencing 15.06.20

I know what life was like in Baghdad in  900 AD.

Watch the clip below and see what life would have been like nearly 1000 years ago!


Is there anything that surprised you?

Imagine you are growing up in Baghdad in the year 900. I would like you to write a letter to your friend who lives elsewhere in the world. Try to explain why Baghdad is such an exciting city to live and study in.

You might want to mention:
House of Wisdom, library, mosque, markets and schools.

I will add an activity to seesaw where you will be able to upload your letters!

Week commencing 1.06.20

I know differences and similarities between life in Baghdad and London in 900 AD.

Using the statements on the sorting activity, sort which statements belong in Europe and which belong in The Islamic Empire.

Use the knowledge that you have acquired so far and why not have a look online if you get stuck.

Challenge – Which country is Baghdad located in? Can you draw a map to show me where it is in the world?

Week commencing 18.05.20

Everybody needs a doctor every now and again. This week, I would like for you to research Early Islamic doctors and hospitals.

How do you think the early work of medicine has influenced modern medicine?

What do we know now that has likely developed from their studies and inventions?


Whilst this link is aimed at KS3 children, you may find it useful to cast your eye over the medicine section :-) :-)


Week commencing 11.05.20

Now that you have found me my dream home, I would like for you to research and design some Early Islamic art that would be used to decorate my home.
You might want to create a mosaic or ceiling decorations!

Use this link which might offer some inspiration.

Week commencing 04.05.20



I am looking for an Early Islamic property in Baghdad. Can you help?

Watch this clip and make a leaflet which will excite and encourage me to buy the property that Ahmed is building.

Why not include a floorplan, labels and information about the facilities that would be available near by.

Find me my dream home!

Week commencing 27.04.20
Your challenge this week is to research Early Islamic Mosques!

Use the internet to research what they looked like, what they were used for and where in the world they were originally built.

Also, I would like you to challenge your artistic skills and use recycled items to make a replica of a famous Mosque that you have found. An activity will be added to Seesaw next week for you to share your pieces of art work.
Week commencing 20.04.20



Sorry for the confusion!


Over the next week, I would like for you to familiarise yourself with Early Islamic Civilisation.
Why not start by watching the link below and create the brightest mindmap that you possibly can. Use different colours, subheadings and illustrations to make your mindmap stand out.

At the end of the week, I will create an activity on Seesaw where you will be able to take a picture of your work and share it for your classmates to see and comment on.
I look forward to seeing what you find out!!

Made at school today (26.03.20) and might offer you some inspiration as to what to look in to. Thank you Noah and Matilda!

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