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Wellbeing Ambassadors

Wellbeing Ambassadors

Hi everyone, we are the Wistow Wellbeing Ambassadors. Our aim is to promote mental health and happiness for everyone who comes to Wistow. We love to organise fun activities, assemblies and ideas in class, to encourage us all to have healthy bodies and healthy minds, whilst having lots of fun!


We know the importance of smiling and aim to put smiles on everyone's faces each and every day. We are also here if children have worries and they know they can come and talk to us about things and if we can help, we will!



Walk for Wellbeing COMPLETE!

What fantastic day !

Dressed from head to toe in all the colours of the rainbow, children in their bubbles took on the challenge to walk as far as they could with their classmates in school. The sun shone for every bubble. The chatter, laughter and fun had was apparent from the smiles on everyone's faces throughout.

The point of the walk was to highlight how exercise is great for our bodies and minds, which is so important in life. Spirits and resilience were high in every class and a great day was had by all.

There were trails to follow, activities to complete and even a crocodile alley, where the children had to keep to the stepping stones, so they didn't come face to face with a croc!

All children were given their own pedometers, to measure their individual distances. Teachers totalled how far their class has walked and together as a school, we walked 505 miles! AWESOME!

Well done to all children and staff, who well and truly deserve to put their feet up after all that walking!

A huge thank you to Miss Jackson and the school Wellbeing Ambassadors, who came up with the idea and made this event happen.