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Sept 2019-2020

We have a lot of exciting things planned this half term including our residential trip to Caythorpe Court.  Here is some information on the topics and themes we will be covering in Rievaulx.



We will base our written work around a short film clip called 'Pandora'.  Our work will include non-chronological reports, persuasive adverts, formal letters and descriptive setting descriptions.


We will be covering two units of study this half term; place value and four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division).


Our science topic is Earth and Space.  We will be working towards creating our very own Stargazing documentaries.


Our History and Geography work will be around the theme of the Romans.  We will look at the rise and fall of the Roman Empire whilst using our geography skills to learn more about the countries they invaded.  


Our Art will be linked to our topic work this half term.  We will be looking at Roman mosaics and printing.


Our unit this half term is called 'Why do some people believe in God?'


Out unit this half term is 'On the Attack'.  This will cover passing and intercepting the ball and showing control and accuracy whilst playing an invasion game.


Using Adobe spark and Scratch.


Me and my relationships


Exploring sounds





Phases of the moon - more foody science!

Rievaulx enjoyed another afternoon of foody science, this time using Oreo cookies to show the eight phases of the moon.  We learnt that when a new moon began to appear bigger, we call it waxing and when and full moon appears to be getting smaller, it is called waning.

Caythorpe Court - September 2019

We have had the most amazing 3 days on our residential to Caythorpe Court in Lincolnshire.  We have laughed, cried, screamed, got VERY wet and then laughed some more.  The children in Rievaulx were a credit to the school showing they hold our golden values very close to their hearts.  We can't wait until next year!

Writing that is 'out of this world!'

Using the trailer from the film 'Avatar', Rievaulx have produced non-chronological reports about the planet Pandora.  We created our own Hexapods (creatures with 6 limbs) and focused on using technical vocabulary to create a formal piece of writing that was packed full of facts and information about the anatomy, diet and habitat of our creatures.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Creating models of the Solar System


Rievaulx have had an amazing start to our science topic this half term.  We are working on gaining enough knowledge in order to create documentaries to rival that of Professor Brian Cox and his Stargazing series.


This week we used a range of fruits and other objects to make scale models of the Solar System. 


Can you name the planets in the Solar System in order?

Some pictures of our amazing fruit solar systems

Our Class Trip To Eden Camp War Museum

What a superb day Rievaulx have had! Eden Camp Modern History Theme Museum is a large Second World War-related museum near Malton in North Yokrshire and that is where Rievaulx have been on their school trip.

It occupies a former Second World War prisoner-of-war camp of 33 huts. After the prisoners left, the camp was used for storage and then abandoned. Its grounds then became overgrown. As the museum was being set up, much clearing, as well as repair and renovation of the buildings, was required. 

The children all had great fun exploring the museum. The end of the day was made all the more special, as the children got to meet a World War 2 veteran and they all got to have a chat, see his medals and shake him by the hand.

Creative Writing

Rievaulx have been working on their writing and using strange and wonderful images to inspire them. They looked carefully at the scenes and then chose one to write about, using a variety of language and grammatical sentence structures. The aim was to hook the reader in and make the reader want to read on and I think that they have done an amazing job! 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9

Lights ... Camera ... Action!

Rievaulx class have been in rehearsals today, getting ready for their class production. They have been learning lines, new songs and will be preparing costumes and props over the next few weeks.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Scarecrow Festival Set Up

Rievaulx were ready for action this week, as they set up for the Wistow Scarecrow Festival 2019.

Working together, they created the fantastic ocean scene, made from all the children's recycled art work and displayed the important message of "SAVE OUR PRECIOUS PLANET!"

They then set up Sir David Attenborough, who was filming the scene, making sure that his video camera was in the right place for that perfect shot!

Take a look at them working together and the end result:

Science - Light Kennings

Miss White explained to us all about Kenning poetry, that it is a two word or a metaphorical phrase in place of a one word noun and was used a lot in Anglo-Saxon poetry. She then set the challenge for us to work in groups to describe a light source in the form of a Kenning. Take a look at our Kennings, we were all incredibly pleased with them.

Design Technology and RE

As part of our Religious Education theme 'Salvation', we have discussed the meaning and symbols associated with 'Salvation'. Then we have taken our time to plan a design on dotted paper, which we then transferred onto binca material. We learnt how to use running and cross stitch and some of us are planning to add additional materials on later on in the process.

We also have been learning how to knit. Over the day, Mrs Sampson has worked with us and we have all had a go at knitting a few rows for our Easter scarf that will hang on our Easter cross. It was a busy day for us all, everyone was incredibly focused and you could have heard a 'needle' drop


Crayon Diaries

Rievaulx class have been busy this week writing the diaries of a group of crayons who have decided to quit, due to a variety of amusing but true reasons. They were inspired by the book 'The Day The Crayons Quit' and really enjoyed the sense of humour in the story. We started by working in groups and working together to write a diary and then worked on adding humour to engage the reader. As we shared them, many of us were laughing - objective achieved!

Then we selected our own colour crayon and drafted our own diary, which included a range of disastrous, yet quite amusing situations!

'The Day the Crayons Quit'

Listen to the story 'The Day The Crayons Quit!'

Dear diary ...

Dear diary ... 1
Dear diary ... 2
Dear diary ... 3
Dear diary ... 4

Gas Mask Fun!

We have had a great day today, making our very own gas mask boxes from scratch! We were given some measurements and basic instructions and then we had to take our time to measure, plot and create the basic net of the box. Then we had to cut and build the box slowly, making it sturdy. We followed the steps and the end result was fantastic ... take a look!

World War 2 Assembly

Rievaulx delivered a fantastic assembly this afternoon, based on their topic of World War 2. They shared with parents, teachers and children what they have been learning about. They shared a song sung to lift spirits, talked about the making of different types of air raid shelters, showed Blitz art work, performed a podcast from a script written in literacy and more! 
It was clear from the faces of the audience that this assembly was amazing and the children's passion for their learning shone through! 

Fun In The Spring Sun - Keeping Active!

Bonjour la classe!

Rievaulx have been learning about family in their French lessons. They have worked on their conversational skills and we have to say, they sound fantastique!

We asked each other about names, age and where we lived.  Then we moved on to talking about families. 

We then pretended that we were a member of The Simpson family and spoke and wrote about our family!

Bonjour, Bonjour! - (French greetings)

Have a listen to this song - a great way to practise your French!

The Blitz

As part of our topic we have learnt about the Blitz.


We learnt about how it was dangerous living in a big city during the war. Cities were the target of enemy aircraft that flew over at night and dropped bombs.


At 4:56pm on 7 September 1940, the air raid sirens wailed as the German Air Force, the luftwaffe, launched a massive raid on London. Over 350 bombers flew across the Channel from airfields in France and dropped 300 tonnes of bombs on the docks and streets of the East End of London.

Air Raid Sirens followed by the All Clear

A recording of the Carter Gents air-raid sirens and all-clear that would have been a very familiar sound to all civilians in Britain from 1939 - 1945 along with bombing, destroyed cities and thousands killed each night under the heavy bombing raids by the Luftwaffe.

Blitz Art Work

We are now working on some art work in a range of mediums, to recreate the Blitz. To start with we have used water colour paints to create the back ground, then planned and designed a silhouette of the London skyline. After that, we added in the search lights with ready mix and then used felt pens to create the luftwaffe (German planes) beginning their air raid! Take a look: 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6

Voila -Take A Look At Our Artwork!

Home For Christmas

We have used this advert, which was inspired by a Michael Morpurgo book called 'Coming Home' to plan, draft and write some exciting stories of the robin's adventure home.

Before writing our story, we collected notes in chronological order of the events and challenges that the robin faced. Take a look:

Story Planning

We then began to draft our writing, using the language collected in class and our story map to support our writing. Here are some drafts:

Drafts of Our Stories So Far

Drafts of Our Stories So Far 1
Drafts of Our Stories So Far 2
Drafts of Our Stories So Far 3
Drafts of Our Stories So Far 4

The End Result!

The End Result! 1
The End Result! 2


Rievaulx shared with the whole school and parents what they have been learning about in topic. The children talked about deforestation, sustainability and gave handy hints on little things we can do to help look after the Earth.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Sports Hall Athletics

Rievaulx all enjoyed taking part in the school's cluster tournament at Selby high School. The children all got turns to try to beat their own personal bests and other pupils from primary schools. They all had a great time!

Picture 1


As part of our display in a day, we all took digital photos of each other and then cut the images in half. We then had to look at proportion and detail in order to draw the missing half of our faces. It was tricky but the results were pleasing!