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Welcome to Rievaulx Class!

Academic Year 2020 - 2021

Welcome to Rievaulx Class!  We are all thrilled to have everyone back in school and enjoying their learning.  We have a busy term planned and below are some details of the curriculum and what we will be studying in the Autumn term.



We will be starting the half term using the book 'After the Fall' by Dan Santat.  The book tells the story of Humpty Dumpty who, as we know, had quite a nasty fall.  The fall really effected him both inside and out.  In class, we will be writing stories based on other nursery rhyme characters who had bad experiences, detailing how they got back up again.  Following that, we will begin to make links to our History topic of World War 2.


We will begin the year looking at place value and four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  This will include some revision of previously taught concepts too.  Our place value work will include round, ordering and comparing numbers, negative numbers and Roman numerals.


This half term we will begin our study of World War 2.  We will first look at what lead to war being declared, the use of propaganda from both the axis and allied forces, the Battle of Britain,the Blitz and the Home Front.  After half term, we will focus on the human cost of the war.


This half term we will be studying the work of Henry Moore, who was commissioned by the War Artists Advisory Committee during the second world war to make drawings of people in London using underground stations as bomb shelters.  We will look at how he created depth and perspective when drawing.


Our unit this half term seeks to investigate the question, 'What does it mean if God is holy and loving?'  We will be asking what qualities a being would need to be a God and looking at how the stories in the bible depict God.


Our unit this half term is hockey.  We will be learning the techniques needed to pass and receive the ball with precision and how to play games tactically and competitively. 


We will be looking at online safety and game design


Me and My Relationships.  We will also be taking every opportunity to support children with the return to school after lockdown and to manage and talk about any experiences they may have had.


Charanga - Livin on a Prayer





This week Rievaulx have learnt about the Law of Reflection.  We used mirrors and tourches to find the ray of incidence and the ray of reflection and drew lines over the rays of light to record what we could see.  We discovered that the angle that the light hits the mirror is equal to the angle it reflects at.  This is the Law of Reflection.
Roman numerals is a unit of maths that can prove tricky and difficult to master and remember.  We spent some time revising how Roman numerals work and how numbers 2, 3 and 4 digit numbers are written.  To help the knowledge stick, we got hands on and creative.  Definately memerable!
In preparation for our work on Henry Moore's tube shelter drawings, this week we learnt how to create depth and perspective.  Rievaulx were amazing!  Using a very brief template to get them started, they all produced the most incredible pieces of work.  Every single one feels like you could jump right into it and walk into the distance.

The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse

During our first week of the new school year, Rievaulx Class shared the beautiful story of The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse. It is a story of friendship and one that the author hopes encourages us to live with courage and kindness.  We were all so enthralled by the stunning art work that we decided to take inspiration from Charlie Maskesy and produce our own watercolours and canvases.  

Archery and a spot of Zumba!

This week Rievaulx had the chance to learn some new skills in PE.  We had some very competitive archery challenges taking place at one side of the field, with the rest of the class getting their heart rate up by learning some zumba moves.  Great fun!

How does light help us see?

Rievaulx were set the challenge of using a small amount of equipment to create a model that showed how light helps us see.

Academic Year 2019 - 2020

What can we learn from Viking poo??!!

We often ask how we know about the past if people who lived during that period are not alive today.  This is often down to the work of archaeologists who unearth preserved clues to the past.  Today, Rievaulx were given the chance to investigate what the Vikings ate by looking at their poo!  There were some interesting finds including fish bones and stones!

Investigating the past

Diocesan Day 2020

Rievaulx were privileged to spend the day at York Minster today.  We had our very own tour guide for the day and were shown and told about many aspects of the Mister's long and detailed history.  We learnt about its Anglo-Saxon origins, the three fires that threatened to destroy the building, the stories behind the magnificent stained glass windows and even got to see what lies beneath the floor of the Minster.  Rievaulx were in awe and asked many interesting questions and showed their excellent knowledge when answering questions.

Measuring Angles

What's the best way to practice using a protractor to measure angles?  Cover the tables with sticky tape and draw on them!  In Rievaulx, we enjoyed getting on our feet and moving around, finding different angles to measure.  We made predictions, knowing that an acute angle must be less than 90 degrees and an obtuse angle would be more than 90 degrees but less than 180 degrees.  This task also encouraged some interesting discussions about angles around a point and how some angles could be calculated instead of measured.

Measuring angles


We are all really excited to be taking part in the 'Make 5 Grow' project this year.  As part of our DT work, the children will be provided with a small loan in order for them to create a business and, ultimately, make their money grow and make a profit.  We began the project by looking at the skills we thought we could bring to our team.

What skills do you bring to your team?

Mixed Up Materials

We put our knowledge of materials to good use this week after been contacted by a local supermarket.  A delivery had been ruined and many of the packets and bottles had split open with the contents of those packets and bottles getting mixed up.  There were raisins in the flour, paperclips in the rice, and sand and salt mixed into various bottles of water.  Rievaulx worked hard to separate the materials using different methods.  The children predicted how best to separate the objects before carrying out their investigations.  Some predictions were incredibly accurate, others were not!

Separating materials

Open Maths Lesson

Today we welcomed parents in to take part in an investigative maths lesson the involved lots of problem solving and team work.  The children were tasked with working out the weigh and cost of Mrs D-M's chocolate cake using only the clues they were given.  The group members took on different roles (manager, checker, recorder and well-being officer) in order to make the task run smoothly.  They were all amazing, applying their knowledge of multiplication, fractions, time, ratio and percentages to solve the problem.

The Cake Challenge

Thermal insulators and conductors

As part of our science work on materials and their properties, Rievaulx spent the day investigating thermal insulators on behalf of the Snuggly Snowman Coat Company.  They were tasked with testing different materials to judge which would make the best lining for a new range of snowman coats.  Using the materials provided the class devised tests, planned and set up their apparatus and monitored how well the materials insulated ice cubes.

Thermal insulators

PSHCE Day - Keeping Myself Safe

We focused on two different areas of this theme during our PSHCE day this half term.  We began with looking at what we should do if we are the 1st, first-aider at the scene of an accident or injury.  We discussed how important it was to keep ourselves safe as the person helping is the most important (if they are injured, they cannot help).  We also talked about how and where to find help and ways to stay calm until that help arrives.


We then looked at risk taking behaviours in relation to drugs, alcohol and tobacco.  We discussed the choices involved in those behaviours and how difficult those behaviours can be to change due to them becoming a habit or even an addiction.  We looked at the effects of substances on our body, sticking post it notes on different areas effected.  We finished with a role play exercise to highlight how difficult it can be to say no, especially to our peers, even though we think the decision could be risky or dangerous.

Keeping Myself Safe

Kevin the Carrot faces the Leafy Blinders

We took our inspiration from the 2019 Aldi Christmas advert which sees poor Kevin the Carrot tied and bound by Russell Sprout and his gang of Leafy Blinders.  Those stinky sprouts are out for revenge because Christmas before Kevin was all about the sprouts.  Now Kevin is the popular one, and they're not happy!  Rievaulx wrote newspaper reports about the event and spent time creating scenes and taking pictures of them for their published piece.  We have had 'grate' fun learning about the use of puns when writing newspaper headlines too. Merry Christmas everyone!

Kevin the Carrot and the Leafy Blinders

Read all about it!

Catapult Competition - Let the games begin!

This afternoon we were able to put our catapults to the test.  We began by making predictions as to which object or material would travel the furthest.  Rievaulx then worked to collect the data needed to find average distances and record their findings.  Next week we will be comparing average measurements to judge whose catapult was the most effective.

Catapult competition


We have rounded up our Romans topic this half term by linking our work to design and technology.  The children were tasked with measuring, cutting, preparing and joining their materials accurately. The results are amazing! There has been a huge amount of team work and support from all of the children in order complete their task successfully.  Watch this space for updates and results from our up and coming Catapult Competition.

The Dreadful Menace

We have linked our English work closely with our Geography topic of 'Extreme Earth' this half term.  We used the BBC advert for the 2014 winter Olympics as a hook and studies the poem used in the film entitled 'The Dreadful Menace'.  The poem helped us improve our use of figurative language and we have experimented with similes, metaphors, personification and symbolism.  This was our first attempt at poetry this year and it seems we are all poets, we just didn't know it!

The Dreadful Menace - Poetry

Rumble down, tumble down!

We have continued our 'Extreme Earth' topic this week by looking at the causes and effects of earthquakes.  We learnt the Earth's crust was made up of different plates, much like a giant jigsaw puzzle, that can move and rub together.  Sometimes this movement can cause an earthquake.  We designed and built buildings to test on our very own earthquake simulator.  Some buildings were able to withstand very high magnitudes, others didn't!

Rievaulx's earthquake simulator

Project Wild

We were very lucky this week to have a visit from Project Wild.  Nick visited all classes in school and brought a range of animals for us to observe and hold.  In Rievaulx, Nick told us all about adaption and how animals can adapt their bodies or their behaviours to better suit the environment they live in.  Nick brought a snake, a frog, a leaf insect and Charlie the tarantula.  We had a lot of brave children who were keen to handle the animals too!

Thank you FOWSA!

Each year, FOWSA give each class a donation to spend on something that is chosen by the children and will benefit everybody.  We discussed what we would like and, amongst other things, books were something we really wanted.  Today, we received our order of an amazing 28 new books for our class lending library.  There has been a buzz in the room as we shared the new books, read the blurbs and made notes of the books we would like to read first.  Thank you to FOWSA for organising so many fund raising events and to everybody who has kindly made donations.  All of the staff and the children are very grateful.

Buzzing with our new books

PSHCE Day - Me and My Relationships

During our PSHCE day, we focused on friendships and especially how many friendships are developed and maintained online in our digital age.  We talked about the meaning of the word 'conflict' and how conflict face to face and conflict online might differ.  The children talked sensibly about how messages are easy to write and send but cannot be retrieved.  They also talked about how it's harder to walk away from conflict when it is online, as turning a device off doesn't mean a message won't be there when you go back.  We then looked at different text message scenarios and gave advice to both recipients.


We then conducted an experiment.  We took two identical apples but treated them differently.  We paid one apple lots of compliments and we were particularly unkind about the other, making comments about its appearance and its taste etc.  Every time we were unkind to the apple, we dropped it on the floor.  Both apples still looked the same until they were sliced open.  Once inside, we could see the brown bruises within the apple we were unkind to.  These bruises were not visible from the outside but were deep inside, hidden away.  This sent a powerful message to us about relationships and how our actions impact others.


To finish off the day, we took some time to think about all of the wonderful things our friendships give us, creating friendship blackout poetry to give to those were cared about the most.

Me and My Relationships - Autumn 1


We have been enjoying exploring our new music scheme of work, especially the chance to practise reading notation and playing tuned instruments.

Playing tuned instruments

Celebrating Black History Month

As part of our celebration of Black History Month, each class in school chose an inspirational figure to study.  Rievaulx took on the task of learning about the life and legacy of Nelson Mandela.  We researched his life through guided reading tasks and spent time perfecting our drawing skills whilst producing portraits of Nelson Mandela.  Rievaulx then put all of their efforts into writing and publishing amazing biographies about this iconic figure.

Biographies to be proud of

Phases of the moon - more foody science!

Rievaulx enjoyed another afternoon of foody science, this time using Oreo cookies to show the eight phases of the moon.  We learnt that when a new moon began to appear bigger, we call it waxing and when and full moon appears to be getting smaller, it is called waning.

Caythorpe Court - September 2019

We have had the most amazing 3 days on our residential to Caythorpe Court in Lincolnshire.  We have laughed, cried, screamed, got VERY wet and then laughed some more.  The children in Rievaulx were a credit to the school showing they hold our golden values very close to their hearts.  We can't wait until next year!

Writing that is 'out of this world!'

Using the trailer from the film 'Avatar', Rievaulx have produced non-chronological reports about the planet Pandora.  We created our own Hexapods (creatures with 6 limbs) and focused on using technical vocabulary to create a formal piece of writing that was packed full of facts and information about the anatomy, diet and habitat of our creatures.

Creating models of the Solar System


Rievaulx have had an amazing start to our science topic this half term.  We are working on gaining enough knowledge in order to create documentaries to rival that of Professor Brian Cox and his Stargazing series.


This week we used a range of fruits and other objects to make scale models of the Solar System. 


Can you name the planets in the Solar System in order?

Some pictures of our amazing fruit solar systems

Our Class Trip To Eden Camp War Museum

What a superb day Rievaulx have had! Eden Camp Modern History Theme Museum is a large Second World War-related museum near Malton in North Yokrshire and that is where Rievaulx have been on their school trip.

It occupies a former Second World War prisoner-of-war camp of 33 huts. After the prisoners left, the camp was used for storage and then abandoned. Its grounds then became overgrown. As the museum was being set up, much clearing, as well as repair and renovation of the buildings, was required. 

The children all had great fun exploring the museum. The end of the day was made all the more special, as the children got to meet a World War 2 veteran and they all got to have a chat, see his medals and shake him by the hand.

Creative Writing

Rievaulx have been working on their writing and using strange and wonderful images to inspire them. They looked carefully at the scenes and then chose one to write about, using a variety of language and grammatical sentence structures. The aim was to hook the reader in and make the reader want to read on and I think that they have done an amazing job! 

Lights ... Camera ... Action!

Rievaulx class have been in rehearsals today, getting ready for their class production. They have been learning lines, new songs and will be preparing costumes and props over the next few weeks.

Scarecrow Festival Set Up

Rievaulx were ready for action this week, as they set up for the Wistow Scarecrow Festival 2019.

Working together, they created the fantastic ocean scene, made from all the children's recycled art work and displayed the important message of "SAVE OUR PRECIOUS PLANET!"

They then set up Sir David Attenborough, who was filming the scene, making sure that his video camera was in the right place for that perfect shot!

Take a look at them working together and the end result:

Science - Light Kennings

Miss White explained to us all about Kenning poetry, that it is a two word or a metaphorical phrase in place of a one word noun and was used a lot in Anglo-Saxon poetry. She then set the challenge for us to work in groups to describe a light source in the form of a Kenning. Take a look at our Kennings, we were all incredibly pleased with them.

Design Technology and RE

As part of our Religious Education theme 'Salvation', we have discussed the meaning and symbols associated with 'Salvation'. Then we have taken our time to plan a design on dotted paper, which we then transferred onto binca material. We learnt how to use running and cross stitch and some of us are planning to add additional materials on later on in the process.

We also have been learning how to knit. Over the day, Mrs Sampson has worked with us and we have all had a go at knitting a few rows for our Easter scarf that will hang on our Easter cross. It was a busy day for us all, everyone was incredibly focused and you could have heard a 'needle' drop


Crayon Diaries

Rievaulx class have been busy this week writing the diaries of a group of crayons who have decided to quit, due to a variety of amusing but true reasons. They were inspired by the book 'The Day The Crayons Quit' and really enjoyed the sense of humour in the story. We started by working in groups and working together to write a diary and then worked on adding humour to engage the reader. As we shared them, many of us were laughing - objective achieved!

Then we selected our own colour crayon and drafted our own diary, which included a range of disastrous, yet quite amusing situations!

'The Day the Crayons Quit'

Listen to the story 'The Day The Crayons Quit!'

Dear diary ...

Gas Mask Fun!

We have had a great day today, making our very own gas mask boxes from scratch! We were given some measurements and basic instructions and then we had to take our time to measure, plot and create the basic net of the box. Then we had to cut and build the box slowly, making it sturdy. We followed the steps and the end result was fantastic ... take a look!

World War 2 Assembly

Rievaulx delivered a fantastic assembly this afternoon, based on their topic of World War 2. They shared with parents, teachers and children what they have been learning about. They shared a song sung to lift spirits, talked about the making of different types of air raid shelters, showed Blitz art work, performed a podcast from a script written in literacy and more! 
It was clear from the faces of the audience that this assembly was amazing and the children's passion for their learning shone through! 

Fun In The Spring Sun - Keeping Active!

Bonjour la classe!

Rievaulx have been learning about family in their French lessons. They have worked on their conversational skills and we have to say, they sound fantastique!

We asked each other about names, age and where we lived.  Then we moved on to talking about families. 

We then pretended that we were a member of The Simpson family and spoke and wrote about our family!

Bonjour, Bonjour! - (French greetings)

Have a listen to this song - a great way to practise your French!

The Blitz

As part of our topic we have learnt about the Blitz.


We learnt about how it was dangerous living in a big city during the war. Cities were the target of enemy aircraft that flew over at night and dropped bombs.


At 4:56pm on 7 September 1940, the air raid sirens wailed as the German Air Force, the luftwaffe, launched a massive raid on London. Over 350 bombers flew across the Channel from airfields in France and dropped 300 tonnes of bombs on the docks and streets of the East End of London.

Air Raid Sirens followed by the All Clear

A recording of the Carter Gents air-raid sirens and all-clear that would have been a very familiar sound to all civilians in Britain from 1939 - 1945 along with bombing, destroyed cities and thousands killed each night under the heavy bombing raids by the Luftwaffe.

Blitz Art Work

We are now working on some art work in a range of mediums, to recreate the Blitz. To start with we have used water colour paints to create the back ground, then planned and designed a silhouette of the London skyline. After that, we added in the search lights with ready mix and then used felt pens to create the luftwaffe (German planes) beginning their air raid! Take a look: 

Voila -Take A Look At Our Artwork!

Home For Christmas

We have used this advert, which was inspired by a Michael Morpurgo book called 'Coming Home' to plan, draft and write some exciting stories of the robin's adventure home.

Before writing our story, we collected notes in chronological order of the events and challenges that the robin faced. Take a look:

Story Planning

We then began to draft our writing, using the language collected in class and our story map to support our writing. Here are some drafts:

Drafts of Our Stories So Far

The End Result!


Rievaulx shared with the whole school and parents what they have been learning about in topic. The children talked about deforestation, sustainability and gave handy hints on little things we can do to help look after the Earth.

Sports Hall Athletics

Rievaulx all enjoyed taking part in the school's cluster tournament at Selby high School. The children all got turns to try to beat their own personal bests and other pupils from primary schools. They all had a great time!


As part of our display in a day, we all took digital photos of each other and then cut the images in half. We then had to look at proportion and detail in order to draw the missing half of our faces. It was tricky but the results were pleasing!