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2022 -2023

27th September 2022

Today the School Council gathered for our first meeting.  We discussed the purpose of a school council, assigned roles and created our very own Wistow School Council Constitution, which clearly states our purpose and sets out the rules and procedures that we must all abide by.

We are looking forward to our next meeting when we will be discussing school priorities, so please let your Class Rep know of any ideas or suggestions you may have to help Wistow School be the best that it can be!


The year got off to an exciting start, with our very own School Council Elections.  All children were invited to apply for the role and those applications were shared with their class in order to whittle it down to 4 candidates. Those 4 candidates went to the ballot, where all children in school took part in the democratic process of electing their chosen leaders.

It was a fantastic day, resulting in our new School Council being formed.

A huge well done to everyone who applied and put themselves forward for such an important role.

Planning for World Book Day!

The school council are currently planning activities for World Book Day in March.  Our first task is a school book quiz for the day.

Networking With Other School Councils 

Last week, some of our year 4 school councillors visited Longman Hills school, to meet with other councillors and put forward some ideas to raise money for a charity. They had some great ideas ... watch this space as they are planning something wonderful!

We are your school council leaders and are here to help the school be the best it can be! 

We meet on a regular basis with Mrs Breeze and share new ideas to improve the school and meet with Miss White to see if we can make things happen!

Remember we have our suggestion box in the entrance hall so if you have any ideas you can write them down and put them in there or just come and speak to us.

What have we been up to?

Working Together - Creating Partnerships! 


Our school council welcomed other schools and their school council representatives today, as part of their plans to work together as a cluster to make new friends and share great ideas. 🌟


The children loved meeting each other, making a friendship web out of wool and sharing how their school council works in their schools. Playtime was also fun, with all the children playing together and exploring school grounds. 🌟



Wistow School Councillors have launched an amazing idea across school and are asking us all to collect used postage stamps. They will then send them the the RNIB (Royal National Institute of Blind People) where they can use them to raise funds that help in all sorts of ways. We are collecting British and overseas stamps ... we already have some from Australia! 
So if you can save your stamps and send them into school they will help us to support a worthwhile cause. 

Listening To Pupil Voice

After children asked for the menu to be updated, we took your ideas to Miss Bloom and came up with a great idea to add a cooked breakfast onto the school menu! We came up with the idea of UPSIDE DOWN DAY to support Comic Relief and raise money for  a great cause.

As part of Upside Down Day, children came in their pjs, ate breakfast for lunch (and it was yummy) and lessons had all swapped around! 

Everyone had a great day and we raised £118.50. 

Working Together For Healthy Dinners

We have met up with Mrs Bloom to discuss school dinners and we took your suggestions to her to see if we could include some of our ideas in the new menu. It was important that we keep our food healthy and balanced - meaning having the right amount of nutrients each day. Mrs Bloom loved our ideas and we have got some new choices for the next Menu, which we hope you like!