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Summer Term 2

Week 6

This week we will be using extracts from the book 'Wonder' for our English and some of our guided reading work.  You may have read the book or even seen the film.  If you haven't, it won't matter as the extracts you will need will be given to you each day. Often, your English work will follow on from your guided reading so make sure you complete your guided reading first each day.


Week 2 - Well Being Week

The task sheet does not need printing.  You can just use the subheadings in your book and bullet point your notes underneath each one.

Summer Term 1

This week we will link our English work with the 75th anniversary of VE (Victory in Europe) Day.  
The task is to compare the memories of Grandma and Grandad.  The recounts are in the film too but it may be easier to read them from the file.

VE Day 75th Anniversary Video

You will need to watch from 18.46 to complete the task. However, there is a lot of interesting background information in the film so feel free to watch it all or come back to it later if you are interested.

You will find a PDF version of the tutorial.  Use this if you are having trouble opening the powerpoint.

Year 5 - make sure you focus on securing the use of colons first.

Year 6 - focus on gaining some understanding of semi colons.

Don't worry though, we will revisit this over the next few weeks.