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Word Gap

Word Gap – this is our guided reading format in Selby class.


ELG – Communication and Language: Speaking, Listening and Understanding.


We try to pick a story that will link to our class topic. I have chosen 6 words to focus on while we read the story. We will discuss the meaning of the words through out the week. We also enjoy acting the words out if possible or use our voices to replicate them.


This week our book is The Detective Dog by Julia Donaldson. If you haven’t got this book I have attached a link to it being read on YouTube.


The words to focus on this week are:

  • mislaying
  • detection
  • astonishing
  • retrieve
  • thoughtfully
  • thrashed


Where possible throughout the week we try to embed the language or notice it in other stories.

Today we would read through the story and discuss what is happening and how it will link to our topic of People Who Help Us. I would ask the children their favourite part, character and page.

The Detective Dog - Julia Donaldson

Reading the story The Detective Dog by Julia Donaldson