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We are your Worship Leaders

We are your Worship Leaders  1

As the Worship Leaders, we have an incredibly important role to play in school. Because we are a church school, our faith is very important to us. As part of our role, we get to work with the teachers and Reverend Terry to plan our collective worship, what songs we will listen to, hymns we will sing and make sure that it is exciting for everyone.

Reverend Terry leads us all in collective worship every Monday and we help out. We also plan our own assemblies and lead the whole school in worship, which is great fun!

We planned the Christmas service in church and last week we delivered our Collective Worship about Mother's Day and Mothering Sunday.

We told everyone about the history of Mothering Sunday and how Mother's day is celebrated at different times around the world.

We also discussed how we can help our Mothers and those who care for us.  We have all made lovely cards for our mums.


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Fun New Song!

We have found this fun new song and are teaching everyone it. Here it is so you can sing it at home and even get your family to join in - there's even dance moves!

Light Of The World

Here is our favourite song in school at the moment! Give it a go!