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Our topic is animals. I would like you to finish off this topic with your child by researching animals that is either extinct or endangered.


I would start with discussing and understanding the words extinct and endangered. What do they mean? Can you find some examples of which animals fit into these two categories.

Then I would like you to pick which animal or animals your child would like to find out more about. Then your child can decide how they would like to represent the information they have found. They could add these to their fact files from last week. They could create and make the animal they have chosen or they could draw it and write out the facts. They could create a plaque like you would find at the zoo with the information on or could they make a song about the animal/s. This is going to run all week so get creative and I look forward to seeing what animals are chosen.


I have attached a link with all of the ELG's on.