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Byland Class

Hello brilliant Byland Class!

I hope you're all okay and well. Here is our class page that will have everything you'll need on it to help you keep learning. Below, you will see our timetable for the week. Follow it carefully and make sure you complete each lesson. Please upload the work you have completed onto Seesaw straight after you have done it, rather than all at the end of the day.

In each lesson's folder, you will find videos and the work I have set for you to complete.

Remember - if you have any questions, post them onto Seesaw and they will be answered as quickly as possible.

We also have a folder at the bottom of the page that will be filled with any fantastic photos you send on Seesaw, so keep updating me!

Do your best and keep smiling, it won't be long until we can all be together again soon.

Express Yourself - Children's Mental Health Week!


Expressing yourself is about finding ways to share feelings, thoughts, or ideas, through creativity. This could be through art, music, writing and poetry, dance and drama, photography and film, and doing activities that make you feel good.

It’s important to remember that being able to express yourself is not about being the best at something or putting on a performance for others. It is about finding a way to show who you are, and how you see the world, that can help you feel good about yourself.


So, on Friday 5th February 2021 (in Maths and English/ 9.30-12.00) we would like for you to try some of the activities that have been uploaded for you. Don't forget to share your pictures and videos on the Seesaw activity so that we can see how you have got on.

STEM Challenge

On Wednesday and Thursday afternoon we will be embarking on a whole school STEM challenge. Keep an eye out and check the tab below to find out what you will need to do. It would be worth keeping recycling boxes and plastic bottles to help you to make your creation. Have fun!