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Competitions and Projects In School

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Bird Feeder Projects


We have talked about the Big Garden Bird Watch 2020, run by the RSPB. We have challenged the children, those who wish to do so, to design and make homemade bird feeders, NUT FREE, that we can hang around school to encourage birds to come into our environment. This is a home/school project and is a great way for parents and children to spend time together, getting creative! All we ask is that it is home-made, water-proof, contains food but NO NUTS and has some method of hanging it up in our outdoor space.

The Big Garden Bird Watch 2020, takes place 25th-27th January (which is a weekend) however, we will be looking out for birds in our area on the week before, so we ask that all designs and creations are brought in on Monday 20th January.
This is an optional activity, but we know how the children love a good project to get their teeth into and also enjoy spending time making things with family.

We will look forward to seeing some wonderful designs. 

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🌟In order to raise money for new school resources, we are having our very own Wistow Walk-a-thon!🌟

We will be challenging ourselves to walk as far as we possibly can within a time frame, whilst raising as much money as we can. We will be walking around Jubilee Field and measuring our individual distances achieved and we will be seeing how far we can walk in total as a school!


Sponsor forms will be coming home this evening and we ask that children collect sponsors safely and sensibly and return the form after the sponsored walk. There are various prizes and the children are all very excited about this event, working together to help school.


We have a few weeks to get in some practise ..... What distance do you think will we achieve together as a school?

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Conker Creations!

If you are bonkers about conkers, then this is the project for you!

It is time to get collecting conkers, as they fall from the trees around you this Autumn. Make sure you are collecting them safely and from the ground!

When you have enough, it is time to get creative! We are running our  conker model making competition again this year and you can make what ever you want out of conkers - let's see how creative you can be!

Mrs Cox will let you know when the projects need to be brought into school.

Some of last year's fabulous designs! Can you create something as wonderful?


Sir David Attenborough's plastic message - BBC

We learnt more about Sir David Attenborough and the work he is doing to raise awareness about the part we play in our future and the future of the animals and world in which we live in. We listened to his message:

Homework Project

Challenge: WE NEED YOU!

In preparation for the fantastic scarecrow festival in Wistow, we need to start a holiday homework project but I have decided to give it to the children now so they have plenty of time to plan ….or perhaps even begin!

Their mission is to create WATERPROOF SEA CREATURES (REAL ONES NOT MYTHICAL) of all shapes and sizes that can be attached to our front fence and they MUST be made out of RECYCLED ITEMS!

They can make more than one …. It would be great if they can as it is a big fence to fill and this is what we aim to do!

This is to go with our scarecrow for the theme Heroes and Villains. I wonder if parents can guess who we are going to make as our scarecrow?

You are all a very creative and talented bunch so I will look forward to the children bringing in your sea creatures on the first day after the half term.


Miss White even had a go at making something in assembly and she only used a plastic milk bottle, some paint and a sharpie! Here are some of our pupils with her fish. There are so many wonderful creatures out there that you can have a go at making, good luck!

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