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Competitions and Projects In School




Cyber Crew thought up and launched an exciting competition in assembly today, all about keeping safe online. This is for children who wish to take part and not compulsory.

The Tasks are:

Selby and Fountains children to create a monster character to help keep children safe online.

Bolton, Byland and Rievaulx, to create a gadget to help children stay safe online.

These can be drawn or made in 3d. All entries must be in by next Friday 19th April. Children were all given plain A4 paper to draw their creations if they wish to enter. Good luck!

World Book Day Art Competition

All children should have brought home a paper plate for our World Book Day art competition. They can create a character's head, using the plate and they need to be brought back into school THIS THURSDAY 7th March, for World Book Day.


Challenge Wistow Time! 

On your marks, get set .... READ!


Have you heard about the new Blue Peter Badge for reading? 

Have a watch of the latest Blue Peter episode and hear all about it.

Mrs Cox has set a challenge in assembly today, that all children try to get their reading badge!

Sir Quentin Blake says "Reading can take you to amazing places." and here at Wistow we love books and know that reading can open so many doors to magical adventures, give us new and exciting knowledge, as well as help us learn in school.


The Blue Peter Book badge will be awarded to children aged 5-15 who send in their thoughts on a book, draw a character or scene and share which other books and writers they love.


The reading badge was designed by Sir Quentin Blake and he illustrated Roald Dahl books and many more. You can see the badge in the picture below.


So everyone .... get reading, writing, drawing and send off your work to Blue Peter, the address is below:


Blue Peter, Media City, Salford. M50 2BH.


School can not send your work to Blue Peter, as it needs your name and home address on your entry.




What are the benefits to having a Blue Peter badge?

Badge owners, with a valid badge card, can gain free entry into over 200 Blue Peter Badge attractions around the country such as theme parks, zoos and castles. Before you visit any of the attractions, grab a grown-up and read the Blue Peter Terms and Conditions.



Get active with the Summer Reading Challenge 2023!

Children can once again sign up for the Summer Reading Challenge at their local library during the holidays. This year the theme is Ready Set Read! and is all about the power of play, sport, games and physical activity.

The challenge for children is to read 6 library books of their choice and collect special stickers and other prizes along the way – everyone who finishes will receive a limited-edition Ready Set Read! medal and a certificate. Any child aged 4 to 11 can join in and the challenge runs from Sat 15th July until Sat 9th Sept.

There will also be a fantastic programme of activities in libraries all summer, many of them free, to go with the challenge – look out for flyers with more details which have been sent to schools for children to bring home.

Coronation Crown Competition

Wistow Parish Council have asked our pupils if they would like to take part in an exciting competition. Children can design a crown fit for a king! They can draw, paint, colour or make the crown and then entries are to be submitted to the Parish council for judging. More details to follow shortly! Get your thinking caps on!

A huge congratulations to the winners of the Christmas Card Competition!

Christmas Card Competition!



Working Together To Improve Our Community

Take a look at the competition below, closing date is Friday 25th March.

Posters need to be bright, eye catching and deliver a strong message about cleaning up after your dog.

You can develop a character, maybe use a slogan but it just needs to deliver a clear message, to look after our community.

Please only use felt pens or coloured pencils - the brighter the better!

There are prizes to be won, so get designing.

Good luck and get creative!

Take a look at the competition information below. 

Children can enter if they wish and have three weeks to get writing! 

Winners will be announced on WORLD BOOK DAY on Friday 4th March 2022.




NYES Catering are excited to announce that their fantastic one-off opportunity to design their new mascot is NOW LIVE!


- We want to inspire primary and secondary pupils to get creative and design our new mascot based on what they would like to see from a catering mascot. Will they have powers, or be food related, or be a team with a leading mascot, or have sibling mascots (one for primary schools, one for secondary schools) – the pupils are the deciders in this one-off competition!

We’ve even enlisted the help of a 12-year old who previously attended one of our catered primary schools and loves superheroes as well as food – so we feel he will be a fantastic help in deciding the winner! He will be assisted by 2 of our in-house judges. We are all really looking forward to seeing all of the brilliant designs, and hearing about what the mascot designed means to the pupils, and the fun they have creating them.
The winner will see their mascot design come to life! This includes within our marketing from September 2022 and beyond.


Entries to be brought into school and we will scan and send them off to be judged as part of the competition. Please only use felt tip pens and coloured pencils. Nothing should be attached to the design. 







Calling all pupils, time for an exciting competition, run by our friends at Project: WILD!

This Summer, we are sure you will be out and about and why not take a camera, a mobile phone or an IPad with you and take some photos. When you have taken photos, you can maybe have a go at editing them and zooming in, to see what you have captured!

Then if you would like to, you can send in your entries to the competition and may be in with a chance of winning a prize and getting your photos displayed on their gallery!

There are 3 categories:

Capture The Season

Life In Motion

Up Close and Personal


See below for more details.


Time to get taking those photos .... Good luck!

Go Green with the Summer Reading Challenge 2021!


Children can once again sign up for the Summer Reading Challenge at their local library during the holidays. This year the theme is Wild World Heroes and is all about nature and looking after the planet.

The challenge is to read 6 library books of their choice and collect special stickers and other prizes along the way – everyone who finishes will receive a limited edition Wild World Heroes medal and a certificate. Any child aged 4 to 11 can join in and the challenge runs from Sat 10th July until Sat 11th Sept.

There will also be a fantastic programme of online activities to go with the challenge – whilst there will be some pre-recorded activities available on the @nycclibraries Facebook page, many of the activities will require bookings to be made via eventbrite (see attached flyer)

Some libraries may be able to have events in the library, depending on Covid restrictions – just ask at your local branch.


Easter Garden Competition


We have been amazed by all the creative and imaginative entries in our Easter Garden Competition.  Thank you for all your efforts!

Congratulations to our winners...

Wistow School - Walk For Wellbeing

In school, we have a group of children who are known as our Wellbeing Ambassadors, who work with staff in school to promote positive mental health and wellbeing for everyone. They share ideas in meetings, set up activities or games. In a recent meeting, they thought it would be a great idea to do something to support school, whilst focusing on everyone’s wellbeing and health. Some of the children came up with the sponsored walk idea. They talked about it also being a great way to spread hope and positivity to everyone, as it would be good fun to all do together. The ideas came fast and thick and they are very excited about the event.


Earlier this year, we purchased some pedometers and these measure steps taken. We have planned the day with our Wellbeing Ambassadors, who want to use these, create obstacles to make the event as fun as possible. All children will all be given a brand new pedometer to wear on the day, which will measure their steps, as well as count the laps that they walk.


We will be sticking to our bubbles and completing the sponsored walk over the course of a day. We will be completing the sponsored walk on Friday 23rd April, weather permitting.  


The Wellbeing Ambassadors wanted everyone to come dressed in a rainbow colour or as many colours of the rainbow as they could. They wanted us to do this, as the rainbow has been the symbol of hope and positivity over the last year and they wanted us all to become one giant rainbow together. So on this day, we will ask pupils to come in bright colour clothes if they wish to do so. Trainers or comfortable shoes need to be worn on the day, so the children are able to complete the challenge, whilst on their walk. Staff will also be joining the children, as every step counts!


We will be sending your child home with a sponsor form and we ask that you reach out to family and friends, to ask if they would kindly sponsor your child in this event. It will be a fun day and one when children can enjoy the outdoors and exercise with their friends and teachers. We just have to hope that the weather is kind to us but will change the day if it rains.


The Wellbeing Ambassadors have put a lot of thought and effort into the event and we hope that you will all get behind them and help them and all our pupils raise funds for school.



Art Competition Inspired By 'The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse' by Charles Mackesy


We launched a competition that was inspired by the author and illustrator, Charles Mackesy, who wrote the book The Boy, the mole, the fox and the horse. This is a wonderful book that contains some wonderful messages about being kind and brave, helping others and showing resilience. We knew that everyone at Wistow School was very good at all of these things, so we thought we would set a challenge to spread positive messages.

We asked the children to think of a really positive message that they would like to share with everyone at this time and then draw a picture to go with the message. The aim of the message was to make people smile and remember to be the best they can be. 

Take a look at slideshow of some of Charles Mackesy's work and then see who and what our winner's entry was - it was fabulous!


Our Art Competition Winner

RSPB - Big Garden Bird Watch


We can't get together with loved ones at the moment, but we made plans with friends and family to take part in the world’s largest wildlife survey, all from the comfort of our own homes. Some of our families sent off for the RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch packs online and then on the allocated weekend, spent time spotting birds in our gardens and recording it all on the proformas we had. These were then sent off and collated to inform the RSPB of birds in our area.


It was great fun and the children took some lovely photos and videos.


What a Spot - A Woodpecker!

Still image for this video

The Great Wistow Veg Off

Please take a moment to have a look at our entry for a local competition called The Great Yorkshire Veg Off, where we have found out that we have won the category 'Best In Schools'.

This is a project that started last year and our staff and children have continued during lockdown and what a way to end the project! Well done to everyone involved. 

The Great Wistow Veg Off School Entry


Road Safety Competition Alert!
The Road Safety officers launched a poster competition today in our virtual assembly. Children will be bringing home an A4 piece of paper to design a 'Keep Safe' poster to go at the front of our school. This could be about crossing the road, parking cars and arriving at school. The winners will be displayed at the front of school and need to be handed into their teachers after the school holidays.

Our Road Safety Officers Launched The Competition Live On Our Virtual Assembly

Have fun and get silly with this year’s Summer Reading Challenge - it’s all online!


Silly Squad, the 2020 Summer Reading Challenge, is set in a fun house and this year is all about funny books, happiness and having a laugh!

The challenge started earlier than normal this year, on 5th June, but you can sign up online right through to September at and find heaps of super silly activities, quizzes, videos, games, a place to keep track of your books and rewards to unlock along the way.

The challenge is aimed at all children from 4 to 11 who just need to read anything that makes them happy - whether it be a comic, joke book, poetry, fiction or non-fiction, in digital or print format, an e-book borrowed from the library or a something they already have at home.


North Yorkshire Libraries are still closed so we cannot offer the usual printed materials but we have a terrific selection of children’s’ eBooks and eAudiobooks available to download for free at’ll need your library card and PIN to download them but it’s no problem if you are not a member - just call call 01609 533878 to join.


Please also keep a look out on and your local libraries Facebook pages as the summer progresses the @nycclibraries Facebook page for special Silly Squad activities and reading recommendations/



The Selby & District Foodbank are holding a colouring competition for some new signs for the Foodbank.
Any child of primary age can make one entry.  Winner/s will receive a £10 Amazon voucher and the school will receive a £50 Amazon voucher as a donation.

Competition Period
    The competition is open from 1st July 2020 to 13th July 2020 ("the Competition Period”)

    To enter the Competition participants must create one piece of artwork which will be digitised and used as a new sign/s for the Selby & District Foodbank.
    Artwork must be on one sheet of white A4 paper in portrait orientation full colour.
    The words “Selby & District Foodbank” must be clearly visible. No other words should be shown on the artwork.
    Use of Paint, Pencils, Crayons, Felt tip markers, Pastels or other colouring media is allowed.
    Write your First & Last Name, Age and School on the back of the artwork.

Entries must be posted in an unfolded full size A4 envelope, on or before 13th July 2020, to:
    Selby & District Foodbank
    New Sign Colouring Competition
    C/O Mr Lane
    Oak Tree House
    Henwick Hall
    Burn, Selby
    YO8 8LD

Winner Selection
    The winners will be chosen by the Selby & District Foodbank team from all eligible entries.
    Prominent display of the words Selby & District Foodbank, use of bright friendly colours covering all of the A4 sheet will be used to determine the winner.
    General images of the types of people we help i.e. families, children, elderly, singles are permitted but not essential.

Bird Feeder Projects


We have talked about the Big Garden Bird Watch 2020, run by the RSPB. We have challenged the children, those who wish to do so, to design and make homemade bird feeders, NUT FREE, that we can hang around school to encourage birds to come into our environment. This is a home/school project and is a great way for parents and children to spend time together, getting creative! All we ask is that it is home-made, water-proof, contains food but NO NUTS and has some method of hanging it up in our outdoor space.

The Big Garden Bird Watch 2020, takes place 25th-27th January (which is a weekend) however, we will be looking out for birds in our area on the week before, so we ask that all designs and creations are brought in on Monday 20th January.
This is an optional activity, but we know how the children love a good project to get their teeth into and also enjoy spending time making things with family.

We will look forward to seeing some wonderful designs. 


🌟In order to raise money for new school resources, we are having our very own Wistow Walk-a-thon!🌟

We will be challenging ourselves to walk as far as we possibly can within a time frame, whilst raising as much money as we can. We will be walking around Jubilee Field and measuring our individual distances achieved and we will be seeing how far we can walk in total as a school!


Sponsor forms will be coming home this evening and we ask that children collect sponsors safely and sensibly and return the form after the sponsored walk. There are various prizes and the children are all very excited about this event, working together to help school.


We have a few weeks to get in some practise ..... What distance do you think will we achieve together as a school?

Conker Creations!

If you are bonkers about conkers, then this is the project for you!

It is time to get collecting conkers, as they fall from the trees around you this Autumn. Make sure you are collecting them safely and from the ground!

When you have enough, it is time to get creative! We are running our  conker model making competition again this year and you can make what ever you want out of conkers - let's see how creative you can be!

Mrs Cox will let you know when the projects need to be brought into school.

Some of last year's fabulous designs! Can you create something as wonderful?


Sir David Attenborough's plastic message - BBC

We learnt more about Sir David Attenborough and the work he is doing to raise awareness about the part we play in our future and the future of the animals and world in which we live in. We listened to his message:

Homework Project

Challenge: WE NEED YOU!

In preparation for the fantastic scarecrow festival in Wistow, we need to start a holiday homework project but I have decided to give it to the children now so they have plenty of time to plan ….or perhaps even begin!

Their mission is to create WATERPROOF SEA CREATURES (REAL ONES NOT MYTHICAL) of all shapes and sizes that can be attached to our front fence and they MUST be made out of RECYCLED ITEMS!

They can make more than one …. It would be great if they can as it is a big fence to fill and this is what we aim to do!

This is to go with our scarecrow for the theme Heroes and Villains. I wonder if parents can guess who we are going to make as our scarecrow?

You are all a very creative and talented bunch so I will look forward to the children bringing in your sea creatures on the first day after the half term.


Miss White even had a go at making something in assembly and she only used a plastic milk bottle, some paint and a sharpie! Here are some of our pupils with her fish. There are so many wonderful creatures out there that you can have a go at making, good luck!