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Academic Year 2021-2022

This week, Bolton class have been very busy with lots of learning! In maths we have been exploring finding fractions of quantities using manipulative. Hard work to start with but we soon figured out the method so we could be successful!


We have also had a class assembly to prepare for, where we shared what we have been learning about in our topic lessons. We had to write our own scripts and rehearse in partners. We were excellent at presenting our information clearly and concisely, and loved sharing our Egyptian song at the end of the assembly! 

This week, Bolton Class have been the victim of a crime! Pirates have broken in to the classroom and stolen our marble jar! We are putting our journalist hats back on and will be writing a newspaper article, outlining exactly what has happened so the public know to be vigilant!

This week, Bolton Class have been investigating the Egyptian journey to the afterlife. We found out there were lots of tasks to complete and hurdles to jump to finally get to the afterlife, but the most shocking fact was that the Pharaoh has to complete the same journey every single night!

This week, Bolton Class have been researching imagery in RE, observing artwork of Hindu gods and inferring what their role is in the religion by looking at the objects they are holding.

After returning from half term, Bolton Class have got straight back into their topic work, this time investigating the process of mummification! We had a try at the process ourself, but instead of a body we used a tomato!


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In PE this half term, we have been practicing street dance! It was tricky to get our moves synchronised at first but we did such a great job! We practiced our choreography and even got to have a part of the dance to freestyle.

In PHSCE we have had a full day learning about what we can do to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We used the iPads and our new ‘Keynote’ skills to create an informative poster which outlines the many ways people can keep their mind and body healthy.

In Science this week, Bolton Class have been investigating air resistance through an exciting experiment, in which we ensured our test was fair and we had a range of variables to compile our results from. 
In PE, we have been exploring gymnastic movements, worked hard in small groups to choreograph a short, synchronised routine.

This week in RE, Bolton Class have been learning about gratitude, linking it to how Muslim’s show gratitude to Allah in different ways. We created a gratitude tree to share what we are individually grateful for.

In literacy, we have been inventing some ‘Cracking Contraptions’ for Wallace and Gromit. We brainstormed some machines that could solve every day problems and drew out blueprints of our design. We will be writing an explanation text to explain exactly what our machines do, so watch this space for the final product.

This week in Science, Bolton Class have been investigating friction through a series of experiments.

In literacy, we used iPads to create a final product of our newspaper articles. It was tricky to start with but we quickly got used to using ‘Keynote’ and produced some fantastic work.

This week, Bolton Class have been looking at the River Nile and researching why it was such an important part of Ancient Egyptian civilisation. We also had a closer look at the many Egyptian God’s and Goddesses and found out what their roles were.

This week, Bolton Class have continued exploring their new topic theme!

We started with the history of the Egyptian dynasty and created timelines of key events. We also discussed the concept of hierarchy, applying it to real world situations such as the hierarchy of the country and the hierarchy of our school.

In literacy, we have been investigating the key features of newspaper articles, deconstructing articles and analysing the purpose of each aspect of the text.

Bolton Class have been hooked into their new topic with an exciting session in which they have investigated and had a try at creating pyramids, writing in hieroglyphics and making sarcophagus’ from paper.

We have also begun reading ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine’ and had a try at completing their own rhyming magical medicine recipe!

Spring Term Newsletter

We have been busy developing our DT skills this week. We have learned about butt and miter joints, measured carefully and used saws to cut out angles. Our photo frames are ready just in time for our Christmas snaps!

We have been learning about Hanukkah this week and shared our learning in assembly. We thought about how God is our light and how he helps to guide us through life.

In Bolton, we have been very busy learning about islands, villages, towns, cities and road maps. We used Apple Clips to help us to show off some of our learning.

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video (3).mp4

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We have been developing our sketching skills this morning and tried to use lines, tone and scale to produce some life like drawings. The end result is absolutely fantastic!

In Bolton, we have been working on Apple Clips to show off our English learning. Next week, we will be applying our skills to share our Geography knowledge. Keep your eyes peeled!

This week, we have been taking part in Maths week! We have learned about coordinates with the help of the Gruffalo, played 'Beat the Teacher' on Edshed and completed a maths trail around the outside of school. Great job Bolton!

We have been busy learning about sound this week and we wanted to create a quiz! Give it a go and see what you find out!

Our Victorian day has been an almighty success! We learned a great deal about life in the Victorian era during our zoom sessions this morning, developed our handwriting skills, learned Victorian poetry and even did drill!

How doth the little crocodile (part 1)

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How doth the little crocodile (part 2)

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This week, Bolton have been following French instructions to make a puppet. They worked together and picked out the key vocabulary that they knew and translated the instructions in to English. Have a look at what they made!

We took part in lots of activities today and used the answers to find 100, 10 and 1 more and less. We thought about converting m in to cm so that we could find 100, 10 and 1 less.

We have continued our Victorian learning this week by looking at William Morris. Bolton have worked to identify the key features of his art work and then gone on to create their own wallpaper, using potato stamps and pastels. The end results look fabulous!

We felt the need to showcase some of Bolton's work from this week. The quality of work and the dedication to learning has been absolutely phenomenal. From place value to fronted adverbials, the hard work has not gone unnoticed! Great job Bolton!

We are going to be learning about the Victorians, so what better way to start our learning than making Victoria Sponge! These yummy, scrumptious cakes were devoured!

Academic year 2020-2021

Bolton Class have been working hard to design and create circuits to support postal workers who work at night. They followed strict criteria and thought about how they would hide the circuits to keep the postal workers neat and tidy. They even included switches that they had made themselves! Royal mail would be impressed!!

Over this week and last, Bolton have been busy creating some fantastic pieces of art. They have used pastels and paint to create cubism portraits, in the style of Picasso. They then went on to study Van Gogh and created their own landscape using 'Starry Night' as their inspiration. Have a look at their 'Sunny Day' pictures!

In RE, we have started to think about what it means to be a Hindu in Britain today. We have started by thinking about things that are special to us and those around us. We then went on to look at a Puja tray and we identified the role of each piece on the tray. Have a look!

We have spent the last few afternoons learning about three different Roman cities. We shared our learning on Power Point, where we also developed our computing skills.

Bolton class have moved on to play scripts. We have some fantastic actors! We have identified the features and used this knowledge to help us to act, using scripts from a Horrid Henry story.

We have been visited by 'Power down Pete' this afternoon. We have been learning about how to save energy, reduce our carbon foot print and how recycled plastics can be turned in to clothing!

In Science this week, we have had fun playing with buzzers, fans and bulbs! We explored complete and incomplete circuits and designed out own hats to help you to see in the dark. We even drew our own circuits!

It is our week on the new equipment and we couldn't be more excited! We have taken full advantage of the sunshine and have thoroughly enjoyed creating races and working together to make obstacle courses! Great team work Bolton and super Golden Values!

Today, we thought about Boudicca's war and why it happened. We became different characters and thought about how the Roman invasion would have effected us. We will use this information to help us with our Diary writing!

Over the last week, Bolton have been writing instructions and the level of the work that they have produced has been fantastic! They have explained how to make the perfect cup of tea and what needs to be done if you want to become a Roman soldier. Great job Bolton!

In Bolton class this week, we have created stain glass windows to support the retelling of the Easter Story. We also thought about how Jesus must have felt when he was praying in the Garden of Gethsemane.

To recap and revisit our lockdown learning, we have been looking at fractions and representing them through drawings. We have had a fabulous time trying to represent fractions in as many different ways as possible.

To kick start our week in Bolton class, we have started to observe how our cress seeds and bean seeds have started to grow and change. Last week, we investigated what plants need to grow. We will keep a close eye on our seeds and make sure that we record any changes.

We have continued to study plants in Science this week and we have thought about the different steps of the life cycle of a flowering plant. We incorporated Art, PE and Science by drawing and acting out the processes. We even thought about the different ways that seeds are dispersed.

The life cycle of a flowering plant

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Seed dispersal

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Seed Disperal

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Bolton have continued to work on non-chronological reports. This week, we have designed, planned, written and edited leaflets for an invention to help Icarus and Daedalus escape from King Minos's tower. Have a look!

We started our new Science unit by identifying the different parts of plants. We also thought about the role that each part plays and what might happen if a single part was taken away. We even went on a plant hunt!

On Friday, Bolton and Byland took part in Children's Mental Health Week. The theme for this year was 'Express yourself', so we thought about how we might dress to express, draw to express and dance to express!

In RE, we have been learning about why Jesus is inspiring to some people. Take a look at this interview with The Good Samaritan!

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Bolton Class appear to have their very own news reporter!

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As we have progressed through out non-chronological report writing, we have shown just how fantastic we are at writing! Our newspapers and fact files were incredibly informative and engaging. We even had a journalist read through our newspaper reports, who stated that our use of the 5w's was fantastic!

Our Topic unit for this half term is The Ancient Greeks. We have been busy creating fact files, temples and comic strips to retell myths.

We have fully immersed ourselves in Science this half term! We have learned all about different habitats, classification keys, how to prevent damage to different habitats, as well as vertebrates and invertebrates.

Over the last week, we have been making pop up books for our class Elf. He requested that we make a story about him, so here are some pictures of the finished products! We used different mechanisms to make our books come to life.

Today, we have been learning that the candle of a Christingle represents that Jesus is the light of the world and the ribbon represents Jesus' blood. We passed Jesus' light around our class.

Bolton- Geography. We have been learning about different regions of the world. Have a look at what we found out!

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Bolton - Geography

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Bolton - Geography

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We have been investigating how to turn a solid (chocolate) in to a liquid. We tested different temperatures and showed our results on a bar graph. We learned that chocolate starts to melt in our mouths after about 10 seconds!! It took everything we had not to chew it!

Today, we have taken part in Anti-bullying Week. We discussed what the term 'bullying' means and how we can help if we see or hear it happening. We made our own word searches to help us to remember key vocabulary and designed our own superhero capes to show what we would do to help someone who might be hurting.

These are the faces of triumph and celebration! We have spent a great amount of time over the last two weeks learning to read music and play in time with each other. We appear to have achieved it!

This week in Bolton class we have spent time learning how to make cave paintings, how to use column method and empty number lines in maths and most excitingly, testing which drink is the fizziest!

Over the last week, Bolton class have been looking in to States of Matter. We have explored how solids, liquids and gases move, as well as conducted an experiment to find out what happens when we try to remove gas from diet coke.

We have been very busy in Bolton class, learning all about Relationships. We have written a recipe for 'A Good Friend', tried to help people when dealing with change and we have even designed our own pants!

Skara Brae!!


We have been learning about the Stone Age. Have a look at our videos about Skara Brae (a Stone Age settlement) which was discovered in Scotland, in 1925. 

Skara Brae

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Skara Brae

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Skara Brae

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Skara Brae

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Skara Brae

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Skara Brae

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For RE day we have been looking at Creation and thinking about what we are grateful for. We explored pastels and drew our representation of the Story of Creation. Here's how they turned out!

Bolton class have had an exceptionally busy Science day, where they have be learning all about plants. We have been on plant hunts, made leaf rubbings, completed celery experiments and worked hard to identify the parts of plants. Have a look at what we got up to!

We have spent a lot of time working on our dribbling and passing skills. We are much more confident when passing to one another and our accuracy is much improved. We've had so much fun this week practising skills for our Handball unit.

This week in Bolton class we have been retelling the story of The Stone Age boy. We have worked incredibly hard and shown brilliant levels of concentration. Look at how proud we are!

In Science, we have continued to look at rocks. We have been testing whether certain rocks are hard, soft, durable, dense or permeable. We also used Venn diagrams to find similarities and differences.

In Bolton this week, we have been learning about rocks and how they are made. We have also looked at the rock cycle, sketched different types of rocks and compared how rocks feel. We have been amazing!

We are Bolton!

We used special art pencils to sketch our portraits. We took our time and drew as neatly and carefully as we could. Don't we look fantastic!?
Academic year 2019-2020

Today, we merged maths and science whilst we learned about magnets. Firstly, we tried to make a paperclip hover by using a magnet and string, then we moved on to testing the strength of different magnets and showed the results in a bar chart.

This week, we have learned about tally charts, pictograms and bar charts. We recorded how many burpees we could do and then showed our results using charts.

We are starting to write Newspaper reports to retell the story of how Howard Carter discovered the tomb of Tutankhamen. We have spent time dissecting example articles to identify the different features. We did a superb job!

Bolton's assembly this afternoon was amazing! You have worked incredibly hard in your music and PE lessons this week and you shone like the stars you are! Super job Bolton!

In French, we have made our own menus for a French cafe or Ice cream parlour. We wrote down all of the items that we were selling in French.

MUMMIES rule!! We have been spending time learning about mummification and today we followed instructions carefully and this was the end result...

Bolton News Reporters!

We have made our own news reports based on James and the Giant Peach. We tried to use lots of open questions so put your feet up, have a listen and RELAX.

Flame Flashers Newspaper.mp3

Scrummy News.mp3

The Awesome Reporters.mp3

Super Kids Report.mp3

Paddington Reporters.mp3

Mario and Matthew Report.mp3

Amazing BBC News Reporters.mp3

The 999 Song

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We learned a song, to the tune of Three blind mice, about keeping safe and who can help us in an emergency. We talked about what is an emergency and what is not so that we know when we should call 999 or when we should call 101.

On Friday, we had PSHCEE day where we covered the 'Keeping myself safe' unit. We spent a great deal of time thinking about risks, health and safety procedures and peer pressure. We now know who to call should there be an emergency and even made posters to help others learn about positive and negative peer pressure. Videos and clips to follow!

Well done to Bolton class for their Sound assembly! What a brilliant and informative way to start our morning!


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Our sound unit has been very exciting and we have loved learning about how sound is made and how it travels. We used a tuning fork and placed it on to a drum with rice. It was fascinating to see how the rice vibrated across the skin of the drum. What was more exciting was when we placed the tuning fork in to water and the water splashed out of the container.


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Bolton have been exploring sound. We have used a tuning fork to help us to see the vibrations.

We learned about Me and my Relationships and we talked about: PANTS, how our families are different but still have the same love, healthy and unhealthy relationships and we looked at how to help people if they need it.

We looked in to Mental Health this week and thought about why it is very important to take care of our mind. We thought about positive thoughts, played emotion games and discussed who would be able to help us if we needed to talk about something that was worrying us.

As part of Black History month we have been looking in to the life of Mary Seacole. We have created fact files and portraits as well as exploring different textures and materials when making a whole class mosaic portrait.

We have been block painting with potatoes. We carved our potatoes using paper clips and designed our print like Victorian artist, William Morris.

Bolton class have been working on Place Value and placing numbers on an Empty Number Line. It's not as easy as it looks!

Today we got out the feely buckets and we had to guess what was inside them without looking. We also sorted light source cards and talked about how a mirror works.