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Welcome to Bolton Class!

Academic year 2020-2021

Over this half term, we will be getting stuck in to all sorts of learning! Have a look at what we will be getting up to:

Topic (History, Geography, Art and DT) - Stone Age to Iron Age

Science - Do rocks rock?

Maths - Place Value

English - Story writing

RE - Humanism

Computing - Word Processing

PE - Games


Keep checking our page to see what we have done!


In Bolton this week, we have been learning about rocks and how they are made. We have also looked at the rock cycle, sketched different types of rocks and compared how rocks feel. We have been amazing!

We are Bolton!

We used special art pencils to sketch our portraits. We took our time and drew as neatly and carefully as we could. Don't we look fantastic!?
Academic year 2019-2020

Today, we merged maths and science whilst we learned about magnets. Firstly, we tried to make a paperclip hover by using a magnet and string, then we moved on to testing the strength of different magnets and showed the results in a bar chart.

This week, we have learned about tally charts, pictograms and bar charts. We recorded how many burpees we could do and then showed our results using charts.

We are starting to write Newspaper reports to retell the story of how Howard Carter discovered the tomb of Tutankhamen. We have spent time dissecting example articles to identify the different features. We did a superb job!

Bolton's assembly this afternoon was amazing! You have worked incredibly hard in your music and PE lessons this week and you shone like the stars you are! Super job Bolton!

In French, we have made our own menus for a French cafe or Ice cream parlour. We wrote down all of the items that we were selling in French.

MUMMIES rule!! We have been spending time learning about mummification and today we followed instructions carefully and this was the end result...

Bolton News Reporters!

We have made our own news reports based on James and the Giant Peach. We tried to use lots of open questions so put your feet up, have a listen and RELAX.

Flame Flashers Newspaper.mp3

Scrummy News.mp3

The Awesome Reporters.mp3

Super Kids Report.mp3

Paddington Reporters.mp3

Mario and Matthew Report.mp3

Amazing BBC News Reporters.mp3

The 999 Song

Still image for this video
We learned a song, to the tune of Three blind mice, about keeping safe and who can help us in an emergency. We talked about what is an emergency and what is not so that we know when we should call 999 or when we should call 101.

On Friday, we had PSHCEE day where we covered the 'Keeping myself safe' unit. We spent a great deal of time thinking about risks, health and safety procedures and peer pressure. We now know who to call should there be an emergency and even made posters to help others learn about positive and negative peer pressure. Videos and clips to follow!

Well done to Bolton class for their Sound assembly! What a brilliant and informative way to start our morning!


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Our sound unit has been very exciting and we have loved learning about how sound is made and how it travels. We used a tuning fork and placed it on to a drum with rice. It was fascinating to see how the rice vibrated across the skin of the drum. What was more exciting was when we placed the tuning fork in to water and the water splashed out of the container.


Still image for this video
Bolton have been exploring sound. We have used a tuning fork to help us to see the vibrations.

We learned about Me and my Relationships and we talked about: PANTS, how our families are different but still have the same love, healthy and unhealthy relationships and we looked at how to help people if they need it.

We looked in to Mental Health this week and thought about why it is very important to take care of our mind. We thought about positive thoughts, played emotion games and discussed who would be able to help us if we needed to talk about something that was worrying us.

As part of Black History month we have been looking in to the life of Mary Seacole. We have created fact files and portraits as well as exploring different textures and materials when making a whole class mosaic portrait.

We have been block painting with potatoes. We carved our potatoes using paper clips and designed our print like Victorian artist, William Morris.

Bolton class have been working on Place Value and placing numbers on an Empty Number Line. It's not as easy as it looks!

Today we got out the feely buckets and we had to guess what was inside them without looking. We also sorted light source cards and talked about how a mirror works.